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    ISC gives me a feel of official timing.

    In last 10 days I observed some points. most of ISC members are active during 9am to 7 pm. ( My observation is only from the source of available on line members). This is a good habit that most of our member whether young or senior person, they all stop working ( might be getting busy with other work or going for sleep). This is really interesting as no body wasting there time here by staying on line for 24 hours. Thats why I understand why our forum is not getting respond at early morning or after 9 pm.
    What is your most of the spending hours ( timing) at ISC?
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    Swagatika - Sometime back a feature was introduced by ISC using which the members can opt for being not visible despite being online. I have opted for that feature and therefore not visible on the right hand pane under 'Online Members', despite being online.
    I had raised a similar thread about timings when I was new to ISC.
    I think maximum number of members are available online in the evening at around 7 PM. There are few members like Mohan Ji who comes during early morning and then again in the evening.
    ME generally comes at around 11 AM.
    I had an interesting observation during my sojourn in US few months back. Since there used to be night time there , when it used to be day time in India, I noticed that few members used to work even at 02.00 AM. I used to enjoy certain hours alone in ISC, with no other members online, roaming here and there in various sections of the ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There cannot be hard and fast rule to follow the timings here. Each one of us are busy with our own life and priorities and ISC comes second after everything. As far as I am concerned one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening is always kept reserved for this site. Sometimes even that timing gets disturbed and I fall short of adjustment. Never mind being regular with the site, I can always cope up with the missing time and see that my active participation is registered every day. Moreover when we are habituated to some thing, we cannot get rid of the same that easily and thus having become addicted to this site, I even go to the extent of sharing from internet cafe when time permits.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    When I joined ISC on the first day of my holidays, I posted an article and logged in for 10 consecutive days just to see whether the article is approved or not. At that time, I didn't know anything about ISC not even the forum. Once I understood something about ISC, I started contributing daily. As these are my holidays (they end within two days), I am logging in morning/afternoon/evening/night/midnight. But, most of the ISC members are students, employees etc,. And they have spare time between 9 AM and 7 PM. Before or after that, they have to take rest to be active on the next day. So, they are the general timings. Also, I always used to wonder about Mr. Kailash Kumar as he is very very active in forum section but he is never visible in the online members list. By reading this thread, I understood why.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I feel most of the members are active in ISC only after 7 pm. Between 9-6, most of the members will be busy in their work. They get free after they are back from work or colleges and then they will spend some time in ISC. During public holidays, I see more number of active members through out the day. Though there is no objection on the time to be active, people find time only after their office or college based on my observation.

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