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    Up to what extent, it is possible to keep oneself updated with the latest developments?

    Earlier there used to infrequent changes in technology products. When the motor cars came first time, the same continued and continuing since long as a mode of transport. Landline phones are still surviving despite deep penetration of mobile phones in almost every nook and corner. It was therefore not that much challenging earlier to keep pace with the latest developments.
    However nowadays almost every day, new technology products are getting introduced in the market.
    Up to what extent, it is possible to keep oneself updated with the latest developments?
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    The greatness of this era in which we are living is that yesterdays product is the history, today's product is the trend and tomorrows product would be the liking. This is the way we are habituated to living now. Take example of mobile phones. When you switch on the television you will find scores of sponsored program on new mobiles through online companies and each mobile supersedes others with quality and price. Once we have ordered and owned the phone, next day we see new model with further more features. Now the latest trend is the availability of more regional languages in mobile. One brand claims it has 21 languages and other claims 14 languages. Surely we would go for 21 languages phone. Just imagine the fate of people who would have ordered the 14 language phone and they would repent that they should have waited for some time. This is the essence of marketing and we have to be ever alert.
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    I think at the most people can keep track of the latest developments only in the specific area of their specializations and it is impossible to keep track of all developments taking place in all the fields.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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