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    Do talisman and amulets ward off evil spirits and ghosts etc.?

    Recently, I came across a website advertising products like talisman for business growth, career progression, marital bliss, protection against witchcraft etc. They claim that their product can protect one from evil spirits, demons and ghosts etc. Earlier such products used to be advertised through posters pasted on the walls, distribution of hand bills and classified advertisements published in vernacular dailies.
    I personally don't believe in such products. My intention of raising this thread is to create awareness about the scientific temper.
    Do talisman and amulets ward off evil spirits and ghosts etc?
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    I am happy that you don't believe in these things. It is all for making money by creating fear in people's mind and confusing them. There are nothing called evil spirits or good spirits. It is all created by certain jobless persons. They make use of these to make money. The advertisements itself indicate that they are making money and are having excess of it to spend for advertisements. So, please, don't become a prey to these gimmicks.
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    Never under estimate the powers of talisman. Believe or not one of the family was immensely benefited by wearing a Talisaman having given with so much ritual presence in it. Though the women was married for the past five years she was not bearing the child and every time ending as abortion. This has been reported to the Maulvi and he is expert is removing evil eyes and given a Talisman to the women. Now she is carrying and that is successful. Therefore we cannot under estimate the powers of Talisman. If the right person is approached with the frank problem, the solutions through Talisman is possible as that was evident from scores of visitors to that place.
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    It is a matter of belief. As long as there is no harm to others and the society, there is no need of condemning such beliefs. A strong belief always works womders and helps a person to achieve something.
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    Let us first discuss about the existence of evil spirits and ghosts. After reaching a conclusion we will discuss about talisman, amulets. etc., if necessary.
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