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    Why do there is a difference in selling fruits(regions) in quantity like kilos and dozens?

    Everybody used to fond of eat fruits like mangoes , apples , bananas,grapes, oranges e.t.c but if you see in Hyderabad for selling mangoes they are weighed in Kilos and in Guntur they are given in Dozens like valued of each fruit and similarly sapota's also they will weigh in Hyderabad as in some parts they will be given in dozens.Why there is a discrepancy in selling fruits in Kilograms and dozens what would be the reason for it?Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Yes there is a difference between weighing the fruits in various parts of the country and I think the traders made this to have more gains for them. When ever I went to Chennai, and want to purchase the mangoes, I ask for kilos and they tell the rate of each piece. In Hyderabad we are habituated to buy mangoes in Kilos. Likewise while purchasing Jasmine flower, we in Hyderabad weigh them for loose flowers and purchase, but in Chennai it is given as finished item as Mala. Nothing wrong in that and we have to adjust with the regions and then make purchased. In Delhi there is a habit of mixing masala with Banana and eat which is not present in any other region.
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    Yes, Mr. Bhushan has raised a very relevant question. It is true that some fruits (grape, pomegranate, apple, etc.) are sold by weight, and some fruits (pineapple, banana, coconut, etc.) are sold by number. I don't know what may be the reason behind this?
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    At Lucknow, mangoes are sold by weight whereas Alphonso is sold in numbers in Mumbai.
    Banana is the fruit which is sold in numbers (dozens) at maximum number of places. It is very convenient to count bananas.
    As far as reason behind variation in use of units is concerned, only (intelligent ) guessing can be done.
    I think in the very beginning, the fruits were not sold at all and the people used to relish the same just by plucking from the trees in the forests/fruit gardens. Monkeys still adopt the same practice.
    Later when people started selling fruits, perhaps there was no weighing involved and measurement may be in the terms of the baskets or carts filled. Still at few places in remote/rural areas, the fruits/vegetables are sold in terms of heaps of the same. Counting was more prevalent at the level of farmers who generally didn't had weighing scales etc. and weighing used to start at the level of retailers in cities.
    The human greed might have compelled the people to become more fussy about counting or weighing with the increase in population.
    However regional variations in the method of counting is due to continuation of traditions and legacy.
    The best way is to see as to how online portals are selling fruits nowadays.

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