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    Special request: Let us have one official mobile with whats app so that members can react on issues

    While ISC is developing leaps and bounds, it has become imperative to for every growing organization to have customer care support. Here ISC can also join the band wagon by dedicating a cell phone with whats app application. ISC need not answer to personal calls, but aggrieved members who want to have personal contact with the ISC can make use of message or voice through whats app and thus a close rapport can be guaranteed. By this way even Tony can have tab over suggesions, complaints and even issues. Any takers for this suggestion ?
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    Who will hold the whatsapp mobile.? The person holding the mobile will be overburdened with messages of complaints and unnecessary discussions. It will be a nuisance to the authority holding the phone. I say a big NO to this. A member should not have any access to ISC through mobile other than ISC forum, PM and E-mail.

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    In the forum section, under 'Parent Category' - 'About IndiaStudyChannel' , there is a 'Category' - 'Problems/Complaints' in which the members can post their issues, if any.
    Presently, the ME's profile is displaying - 'Email [Private]'. That means the members cannot send messages to the ME of ISC. ( I am open to correction, in case the system is not properly understood by me).
    ME is the head of the editorial team of the ISC. Therefore, in my opinion she should be accessible to the members for resolving any issue which may arise in day to day functioning.
    Raising a thread on such issues takes much longer time and sometimes the issues remain unresolved also. My following thread regarding a suggestion made, is one such example -
    In the above context the idea of having an official mobile with whats app, mooted by the author seems impractical.

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    There is no fire at ISC to get the problems solved within hours or minutes or seconds. Moreover, we are not affected by ISC activities which is a time pass activity. Delay or inordinate delay can be accepted. Hence, no whatsapp or any other app is required.
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    #570006 @Mr.Kailash: Your remarks are totally uncalled for. You could have offered your views on the suggestion made by the author. Moreover, please go through the response of our Lead Editor Saji Ganesh regarding the suggestion made by you about the Admission alerts in the thread you were mentioning in your response here. Don't expect response from WM or ME for each and every suggestion as one of the members of the Editorial team has already made the stand clear on the topic. WM or ME will be having their other priorities and sure they would intervene, if things are necessitated.

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    Having a whats app mobile becomes a pain. It will be fruitful only when the actual problem is discussed. I hate when people forward unwanted messages. The sole concept of the group will be spoiled and what remains is the unwanted forward messages from immature people. So I'm totally against this concept of having an official mobile. So what ever it is lets raise it in forum section and let the management board respond to it from here.

    I would like to give another suggestion. We can also introduce a chat or support feature in the website, where people can chat to get their questions clarified. But that will not bring any benefit to the website I believe.

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    Introduction of chat feature is likely to have negative impact on the ISC activity as I am afraid few members may remain busy in chatting only, instead of developing and posting contents.
    The present system has an advantage in the sense that it allows only written communication through forum section and there is no provision for any type of voice chat etc.
    PM facility and emails are another systems using which certain kinds of communication can be achieved.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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