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    Which is better parenting style?

    The Indian and the Western styles of parenting are far far apart. The thought process, the way to teach, communicate and interact also differs. The lifestyle and family structure, values and culture are all also poles apart.
    So the question is:
    Which is a better parenting style: Indian or Western in the following cases:
    1. For children born and staying in India
    2. For children born in India and staying now abroad
    3. For children of Indian parents settled abroad permanently
    Can ISCians share their opinions here.
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    Parenting involves instilling the right values since childhood to lead kids to become mature individuals when they grow up.Indian style involves more of the joint family system,valuing elders opinions and taking care of parents even after marriage.Western style is more liberal and independent.As kids achieve teenage,they are allowed to go and live their life independently and take their own decisions related to finances,studies,marriage etc and hence we hear so many cases if things going wrong in their lives like drug abuse,divorces etc.I would personally prefer the Indian parenting style any day with the involvement of space for independence and responsibilities for children so that they feel free to make their decisions but also stay within limits.
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    Let us first share the actual trends as prevailing in the society practically
    1. The parents are raising the children in traditional style at home, but after joining schools/colleges the children get inputs from their teachers and fellow students which may be modern or so called western also. Thus a mix of the two gets developed.
    2. It primarily depends on the parents own upbringing. They cannot learn as to how to raise a child through tutoring. Primarily they can teach only what hey have learnt. Teaching by copying others is not likely to yield fruitful results.
    3. Children after becoming teenagers, don't depend on their parents alone in most of the cases. Sometimes they revolt also against the parents and impose their own views, likings and preferences.
    4. Most of the traditional families also wish their children to adopt modern style of living.
    5. Children staying abroad generally learn themselves the practices prevailing in the country of residence. Parents have little role to play in such cases.
    6. Children of the Indian parents settled abroad permanently obviously adopt the trends of the country where they live.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Normally parents wants to fulfill tehir dreams through their children, so it is not about how to be children raised, it depends upon tehir expectation from their child and ability to raise. If the question is which is better as per my choice, born in India, brought in India, lets send children for an excursion but not for long time to foreign, either settle through a job or business in India, visit foreign during holidays for vacation. That would be a better life for me.
    Again there might be violation, if the child wants to do higher studies or to settle down at foreign, there can not be no to them.

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    It has been proved beyond doubt and even appreciated by Western countries mothers that nothing can match the parenting ways of Indian women. In India mother teaches and interacts with the child from the early days itself. The onlookers may be baffled with those kind of interactions, but it is the fact that child responds to mothers command and he registers the same in his mind. That is the reason being so a child likes mother very much than any one else. In other countries, the children are left to the care of baby sitters and they may not show love and affection to the child. Indian style of parenting is the best for the full and ultimate growth of child.
    K Mohan
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    In the Indian style of parenting, a perfect system is being followed. The parents used to be very strict with the kids during the young age and gradually as the kids grow up, they become a friend of them. It is quite obvious that parents always give their kids what they did not have when they were kids. This is the most acceptable point. However in some cases today's parents are not taking care of their child and not spending enough time with their kids. This situation should change.

    There is a saying in Tamil - "Tholukku Minjinaa Thozhan". This means if a son or daughter grows beyond the shoulder, then the parents will become their friends.

    In my perspective the parents should be very strict till the age of 10. I'll even agree with them beating the children in tough situations. They should have some fear. But actually it is dependent on the kids as well. Some kids will not show any improvement if you beat them. In that case a different method should be tried out. So after the age of 10, the parents should deal the kids like a friend. They should make sure that the child comes to them for suggestion for each and every thing of their life. Parents should not show hesitation to discuss any kind of topic with them. That is when the distance is maintained properly.

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