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    Is it advisable to offer bouquet as gift?

    There is an age old trend to offer bouquet as gifts on various social occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, facilitation etc. There is a trend of ordering bouquet online also as many such portals have come up. There are many branded chain of stores also even in mid class cities.
    Nowadays exotic varies of even imported flowers are available in the market and many options are available to the buyers. Bouquet costing thousands of rupees are not uncommon.
    Is it worthwhile to present bouquet costing several hundreds/thousands of rupees as gifts which have only days of shelf life.
    Why not to buy some article of day to day use?
    Is it advisable to offer bouquet as gift?
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    I personally feel, giving bouquet is not a good idea as it is of no use. Bouquet looks good at that moment when flowers are fresh but then the freshness will vanish and flowers dry. Its always better to give something useful as a gift. If one doesn't know what will be useful for them, giving cash in gift envelope is also good and they can use it for what they want and that will definitely be helpful for them. Bouquet is not a good idea and is waste of money and also of no use as a gift. Always go for something useful or a cash as a gift.

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    Instead of a bouquet, it would be better if we present a bucket which will be more useful to the hosts. The bucket should not be empty. It should contain some valuable articles in it. I think the word bouquet came out of bucket filled with flowers.
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    Even I never appreciate for offering a bouquet. Because I have seen in marriage party reception, they never care to collect the bouquet while packing all gifts to tehir home. This is just waste of money . Although from that amount it might difficult to find out any other gifts, but again it depend upon person to person.

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    Bouquet can't be kept for a long time. Moreover, it is absolutely useless. So, it should not be given as gift. Only when the guest is undecided about the nature of gift befitting the occasion, bouquet can be given.
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    It is a sad fact that most of the gifts we give to somebody are the gifts we received from somebody. It's always the same!
    Clocks, cutlery, glassware, showpiece, utensils and nowadays induction cookers.

    I'm personally not a fan of recycling gifts, but they are surely better when compared to a bouquet which, as Ms Sushma and Mr Partha have mentioned, loses its freshness quickly.
    I however usually prefer to make a simple gift but ensure that I give a personal touch to it.

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    I am totally against the the tradition of giving bouquet and instead a article or art facet be given to the person and that will be remembered as memorabilia too . When ever we watch news items on television we find that Netas are being welcomed with bouquet and shawls which was not even cared by the politician thus honored and thus the person gets dejected. The bouquets given by the people are passed on to the security staff behind the Neta and thus not even one second it will be there with the politician. So why to make such a wasteful expenditure. Instead a portrait or memorabilia can be presented and that would be kept and remembered.
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    People above have already shared my thoughts. I'm not sure who brought this stupid tradition of giving a bouquet which is of no use to anyone. I believe this is something that was brought from outside India. Our culture has not traces to such things. When you meet a person or when you plan to greet a person, it is advisable to buy something that they like the most. In simpler terms it can even be fruits which will definitely be useful. In my culture, if we visit someone or if we go to a person's house we will be buying bananas or any such fruit and give it to them.

    If we closely observe the places where bouquet is given, the next second it is received it goes to the dust bin. There is no use behind that. But no one will through something useful given to them. In the traditional way when people come to the house ladies share flowers with each other which they will utilize immediately to keep in their head. But the flowers that are shared as part of bouquet has no such significance as far as I see as they cant even be kept in head for that matter.

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    If at all I wish to give a bouquet to anyone, I choose to give two rose flowers wrapped nicely. It costs very cheap and meets the requirement. Those two simple roses convey my love and affection to the recipient. The rich and extra rich who have no way to spend their money might be spending lot on bouquets which will not be cared after the party or function, and can be seen in the dust bin.
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