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    The mangoes are getting rotten

    The mangoes stored in ISC are getting rotten. The ISC members have submitted their creative writing on various mango varieties 'Me a Mango". It was lying unnoticed during the ISC birthday celebration and still lying uncared. The good Mangoes could have been seen and ISC could have selected the best Mango and awarded a prize on ISC day or during the ISC week. As ISC week is not yet over, the best Mango can be picked up before it gets rotten.
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    After reading this heading I was co-relating the real happening in the market that due to rains, the ripe mangoes which are unsold citing huge rates are getting spoiled and turning rotten. And now what you said about creative writing on Me Mango which needs to be addressed.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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