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    Do you really wake up to the alarm kept or extend the sleep further ?

    Normally I have seen that people keep wake up alarm for a particular time and when the wake call starts ringing, the person would never get up nor try to switch off the alarm. I generally feel that wake up alarm is nothing but indication of further extended sleep as lead time is available. It is the habit for us to have good sleep in the wee hours especially between 3 to 6 am and during that time keeping a alarm for wake up would be disturbing the good sleep. What is your sincerity in this matter ? Do you wake up to the alarm or pretend to act as sleeping deeply ? Respond sincerely.
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    Alarms clocks were invented much later after development of the civilization. There was no need also earlier as there were neither planes or trains to catch. There were no factories or offices also to report in time. After industrialization, factories started giving loud siren to wake up the entire colony. Even those who were not employed with the factories, attuned their life to the sirens.
    Then there used to be clock tower, who used to alert the people with hourly ringing of bells.
    Alert people don't require any alarm clock. They rely on their own biological clocks which works also wonderfully.
    As the saying goes, though it is possible to wake up a sleeping person, but it is impossible to wake up an individual who is awake and merely pretending to sleep.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    But one thing if you are determined to wake up every day early at a prescribed time, then body also cooperates with you.
    K Mohan
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