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    Now discard the old theory into the dustbin!

    During my student days in West Bengal, I used to hear that terrorism is originated from economic disparities. The Naxal movement of late sixties and early seventies was cited as an example. When some of us used to point out that the leaders of the movement were from middle-class and some were from affluent class, we were bullied to silence. Same was applicable to the Communists of Bengal.
    Later when I studied international terrorism very seriously, I came to know that terrorism is originated from fundamentalism, which can be described as a false sense of superiority of one's own belief, be it religious or ideological. Even after extensive research on the cause of terrorism, the so-called secular, liberal, left-oriented intelligentsia propounded the old theory of economic disparity as the cause of terrorism.
    The latest terror attack at Dhaka has again created a furore all over the world. Now it has come to the notice of the people that the three killers ha been from the elite schools of Bangladesh and were possessing foreign university degrees. They were from very affluent families but were indoctrinated to the repulsive ideology of ISIS.
    Now time has come to throw the old economic discrimination theory as the cause of terrorism into the dustbin! We must be pragmatic to fight this menace to humanity!
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    As far as the innocent citizens are concerned, theory doesn't help them much. A life lost, is a life lost irrespective of the findings of the researches being carried out on the subject matter.
    Apparently, terrorism is also a fall out of the increasing population as competition for resources becoming scare is increasing.
    No doubt, it is one of the greatest menace, the mankind is facing in present era. The modern automatic weapons are being used as toys.
    Despite rhetoric about containing terrorism at all levels including UNO, unfortunately it is spreading its tentacles globally.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Nicely summarized by the author. Now terrorism has become the wide subject not only subjected to the affected country or the person but for every one as the evil designs plotted through terror means total destruction of development and life shattering for the affected ones. But what is more baffling is the affluent persons in the society who are getting education in so called big schools and colleges are joining the terrorism and that is great concern for the parents and the government. That means students are being lured for the ugly acts and how they are getting into contact with wrong doers is the question to be answered. May be social media is spoiling here. Every student has the access to social media and thus they are being grouped and pooled to carry out wrong doings. Parents must be vigil and see that their ward is only studying and not undertaking any other extra activities. Evil mongers seems to be taking help of every weak person who fall prey to money and agree for bad actions.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    You are right sir, some time even I was thinking that for naxalides, or Maiosit activity economical difference is the main problem, but now days I am seeing many terrorist attackers belongs to rich family, and they are highly educated, this is only the mind set and they want to become the super power or they need a big follower. Thats why they are doing such activities, but we can not deny the interior naxals are created because of the hunger and poverty and Government should take care of them and make them educated to stay away from such groups and activities.

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    #570938: These people are retarded. They think that their ideology (religious or socio-economic) is supreme and superior to other ideologies. That is fundamentalism. And the next step from fundamentalism is terrorism, when such people try to establish their ideology all over the world by selective use of violence creating terror.
    There is absolutely no relationship between economic disparity and terrorism. So, we must not have any sympathy for these violent and retarded people.

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