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    Why contents disappear and wont find even after going to back pages ?

    Today I have been facing the unique problem of slow internet, and if I write the content, it is getting disappeared from the half and I tried to visit back pages and that is not found. For a writer, if he sits to make a content, the flow would be continues and if some disturbance and distractions are created, the interest would be subsidize. Same is happening with me. My two or three contents attempted to respond in this forum has disappeared and that made me disgusting. Can the webmaster look in to the matter and set right the things ?
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    As far as I can understand, the main issue appears to be the slow speed of internet. Sometimes, I also face similar situation.
    Once, I hadn't got my antivirus pack renewed which caused speed to get slowed down considerably affecting my ISC activity. After getting the same fixed up, the normalcy restored.
    Recently I discovered that my Wi Fi modem which was installed, last year only got weakened considerably restricting its range to few meters only. After changing the same, its range increased.
    Thus there are many technical issues which are required to be sorted out from time to time.
    In addition to the normal monthly bills of internet service providers, some additional expenditure is involved in peaceful ISC activity.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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