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    Are you someone who take head bath daily?

    I'm not sure if this topic was discussed already in forum or not. But I would like to know opinion of people on taking head bath daily. I used to take head bath only twice a week as I had problems with Sinus. From last year onward I started taking head bath every day. Do you really think that this will help in keeping the body cool?

    I have also seen that in recent years people are getting Bald easily in young age itself. Even in the age of 25 they lose their hair completely. Do you think it can be overcome by taking head bath daily?

    It is also believed that taking head bath can reduce stress in people. Most of the people who are working in tough job situations and mostly the ones who are working in IT companies are exposed to stress easily due to the work that they do. Have you experienced such things.

    Please share your views on this topic.
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    I take head bath daily. I enjoy washing my hair and I feel fresh if I take head bath. Also the other reason for me to wash my hair everyday is my oily hair. If one day I don't wash my hair, it is as if I have applied a lot of oil on my hair and I don't feel good if my hair is sticky. But yes, there is hair fall problem associated with washing hair everyday and I am losing a lot of hair but I don't have other alternative to avoid oiliness in my hair. So I use a mild shampoo which does not damage my hair a lot.

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    From my childhood, I never failed to take head bath daily except the days when I was sick with fever. As a teenager, I used to take bath twice daily, one in the morning, and one in the evening after the games. No bath without a head bath.

    While it is easy for men to have head bath daily, it is difficult for women who have long and extra long hairs. It consumes time to wet their hair than their body.

    Once in a week, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday, I take hot water Oil bath with gingely oil applied from head to feet leaving no space of the body vacant. This oil bath refreshes our body and mind.

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    Although I take bath (including 'head bath') everyday, I am fast becoming bald. I am eagerly waiting for the D-Day when I would become completely bald, because Bengalis believe that baldness is a sign of prosperity and intelligence.
    I feel that although people don't consider me intelligent right now, their view about me would definitely change after I become completely bald ('head bath' or no bath).
    So far as prosperity is concerned, I don't want to comment because in that case, I would be ridiculed by the Manager of the bank where I maintain my account.

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    'Head Bath' is a term which originated somewhere in south India. In north India no such term is in vogue. Taking bath is generally described as bath only and in case of men it invariably involves wetting the head also with or without use of soap daily.
    Since I take bath daily ( except when unwell etc.), 'head bath' is involved daily, even in chilly weather during winters. Of course during winters, geyser is used for warming the water and thus making the temperature comfortable. Once or twice in a week hairs are washed using shampoo to cleanse the oily effect.
    During my posting at Agra, where water is too heavy, taking head bath used to make the hairs feel like sticky. Due to this reason many people used to buy distilled water for cleaning their hairs.
    In case of women who have long hairs, generally it is not possible to take head bath daily as it requires longer period to clean and dry the hairs.

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    Hair - fall is related to the deficiency of hair root or may sometimes be associated with hypothyroidism. In such cases, to step up the metabolism, would eliminate its root - cause. Black - pepper and Ginger would go a long way in enhancing the reduced metabolism and such remedies would make up the deficiency. The other step would be to apply almond - oil on the roots of hairs and the pores should be massaged gently for nearly twenty minutes regularly prior to going to bed in night. Such message would strengthen the hairs and this permanent solution would avert the situation of becoming bald.

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    From childhood we have been taught bath as washing whole body from head to food. So it is a routine for me to take head bath.
    Only when health does not permit(when having high fever etc) head-bathing is avoided.

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    There are two ways to have bath. One is simply washing the hair with water and then having regular bath by applying soap to the entire body. There is another bath to use oil , then Shikakai powder or just using Shampoo. If one uses shampoo regularly in the garb of head bath, sooner or later the hairs are going to fall. It is better to have Ayurvedic based shampoo which ensures total cleaning of hair and hairs wont lost. By the way thrice in a week head bath is always recommended. Some may go for head bath on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some may have on Tuesday., Thursday and Saturday. It all depends on their head and hair condition.
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    From child hood I had a habit of head bath on daily basis, but the process has changed, during my child age I was sing hair oil massage on daily night and next day I wash it, but now days I avoid using oil, I just use oil once or twice in a month, but wash my hair on daily basis and use shampoo twice or thrice a month.
    Until unless I wash my hair I do not feel like a complete bath, although all of my family member does not have a head bath daily. SO it is about individual choice and satisfactions level.
    I do not think by daily head bath one can avoid fall of hair, as hair fall has various reason, but yes it help for keep your head cool and calm.

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    Hair loss occurs due to various reasons. Daily hairwash with mild shampoo will keep the scalp clean and free of impurities or dust, etc. In fact even tricologists also promote wash hair atleast thrice a week if not daily. If you keep your scalp clean the problem of dandruff can be kept at bay which is also one of the reasons of hairfall.

    As a child bathing meant head to toe wash. Obviously hair was all cropped up so managing was easy. But once the length of hair increased the frequency of hair wash decreased and came down to once week oiling and washing ritual.

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    I used to take bath in my house that too only in hot water till my college study was over and not head bath. But when I moved to chennai for employment sake, I was about to move to the office daily by 5.00 in the morning, so to remove sleepy in me, I started took head bath daily in cold water since then (that is from 1978) and doing till today.

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    I have head wash every alternate day and apply oil massage in night before head wash. To have head wash on daily basis is easier for people having short hairs but it would be difficult for long hairs.
    I have hairs of average length but still I find it difficult to carry wet hairs and travel to my office in local trains.


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