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    How long it takes to understand a person properly?

    Once I was discussing this matter with my teacher. She (my teacher) said, understanding a person is not easy. Some may look cute by face but there mind has always dirty thought. Some may look your best friend but he/she might cheat u in future. She said that we need a full year to understand a person properly. How change of every season the person character changes, one must look into it.

    Now, we are living in such a fast world, everyday we meet new person. In such circumstances how one can wait for a long year to know a person. I brought out this subject to discuss with experience members as how one can be so careful trusting a person. What looks in physical may not be true in real!
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    Though we interact with a number of people daily, but the extent of knowing them vary from person to person. We need not know each and every person fully. Often it is only adhoc type of meeting and therefore, we need not delve deeper into such cases.
    There is an old belief that it requires at least 5 years to know an individual fully, though it depends on the frequency of meetings etc. also. Perhaps the idea behind such a long period is test the person fully in almost all kinds of situations.
    However in case of fixing matrimonial matches etc., such a long period may not be available. But since the marriages etc. are of a permanent kind of relationships, it is presumed that adjustments etc. will be made, in case so required. After the birth of the child, the marriage relationships get further strengthened and generally becomes irrevocable.
    For maintaining, adhoc relationships, it is a matter of mutual convenience. People agree to maintain relationships even without knowing them fully.
    People are tested during adverse conditions. The relationships which are able to withstand adversities, are the real relationships.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Honestly, a worthy few minutes is more than enough.
    Understanding someone does not mean understanding their character. That would be a Herculean task to do.
    But understanding someone means to understand the person's needs,moods and most vitally feelings.
    A poet once said " You can only purely understand someone if you travel with them."
    So try to travel with the person you want to understand.

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