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    Advise to Job Seekers

    Finding a job and landing into a right job is not any easy task. It has got a lot of efforts involved with increasing competition. We have often seen job seekers being desperate to get a job. There are times were a job seeker loses money by paying consultancies etc. They also get emails, Facebook update or whats-app with job openings which may or may not be true. My advise for job seekers especially freshers is to avoid sharing their details without proper investigation. Because I have seen posts on Facebook were they share a email address and asking to send the details in the name of reference. So blindly sharing details in not good as it can be misused. Also in WhatsApp there was a message circulating which said there were around 300 openings in XYZ company and requested to share details on mentioned email ID. On calling that number, it was confirmed that number did not exist but mentioned Email Id was working and one of my friend's number was misused after she send a CV on the email ID. So avoid sending details to unknown numbers and email ID without proper confirmation. Always search job through a trusted source or from person you know personally.
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    Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable information. In today's world there is a rapid competition and there are only a few jobs reserved for only merit students. Grades have become everything. Skills aren't seen as an advantage today.
    If only companies hired skillful students rather than bright students this world would be a better place to live.

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    The touchstone of knowing genuineness of any website/ social media offering jobs is to know if they are asking for any fee to be paid in lieu of such services or not?
    There are many smart people who have adopted the tactic of luring the gullible unemployed individuals for their own earning and exploiting such people wandering in the desert of unemployment seeking oasis of a job. Unfortunately the jobs remains a mirage for them. Some of the precautions which may be taken in such cases are as follows -
    1. Never yield to promises or offers which look too lucrative.
    2. Never send any demand draft or application to a Post Box address when the full contact details like physical postal address, phone/fax numbers, email address and website address etc. is not revealed.
    3. Try to get the contact details verified by making calls or visiting the physical address.
    4. Verify the credentials of the company by visiting its website and cross checking the displayed information through possible sources.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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