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    Suggestion for introduction of 'contest allowance' to contest organizing editors.

    Being a loyal member of ISC always committed to the cause of contributing to the best of my abilities to see it reaching greater heights, I have to humbly make a suggestion for the kind consideration of the Webmasters of the ISC, to introduce a system of award of 'contest allowance' to the contest organizing editors of ISC. The amount of such allowance may be equal to the first prize of the contest or even double of the same as per policy decision of the ISC management.
    Such a system is likely to motivate the editors to organize more contest in future and thus contribute in making the ISC more popular and useful to the cause of its avowed objective i.e. 'Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn'.
    I also requested the learned ISCians to offer their comments about my above suggestion.
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    Not a bad idea at all. But I wonder with your recommendation of contest allowance equivalent to the first prize for that contest. It should be reasonable and should be acceptable to ISC.

    All editors are not expert in organising contests. There are very few editors who have been gifted with such contest conducting ability.

    I recommend a minimum allowance of Rs. 25 and maximum Rs. 50 per contest.

    ISC can also off load and entrust this job to its members who are willing to conduct contests. They should be considered for the same allowance as indicated above.

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    The author made the good suggestion. But what I feel that ISC is already paying good amount for editing job and some of the editors are seen earning good. So raising contests and getting paid for that exclusively may not be accepted.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Ji - I may be wrong, but my perception is that since there is no specific earning associated with organising contests, evaluating entries and declaring results, the editors may be preferring to give preferential treatment to revenue earning activities like writing articles, posting jobs and such other activities.
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