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    Member's GD- What is more important in a contest - quality or technicalties?

    Contests always fascinate the contestents, irrespective of their age and background. They fill the participants with enthusiam, energy and renewed vigour. Organization of contests also promote the spirit of camaraderie, mutual understanding, cooperation and support among the members of any organization.
    Though the contests are decided on the basis of quality of the entries but generally all contests have their rules and regulations and it is imperative for all the contestants to abide by laid down rules and regulations.
    Sometimes it may happen that an outstanding entry of exceptional quality is submitted though with a breach of technical nature about the rules and regulations of the contest.
    Should that be eliminated mercilessly?
    What is more important in a contest - quality or technicalties?
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    Contests are of various types. I think you are discussing about the article/story writing contest. What important is - The article or story must be very interesting to the judge and should be written without any grammar or spelling mistakes. When there are more than one best entry the technicalities to be considered. In a contest, following rules and regulation is very very essential.
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    Technicalities is very important for any contest but we should not compromise on quality also. Quality is necessary but importance should be given to technical aspect of the subject being discussed. Giving high quality content but does not connect to anywhere in the topic is of no use. But if there is some connection to topic though the quality is not very good can be accepted. So we should always look for details on the topic.

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    It is not just the quality or technicality that matters. Have you ever marked an answer paper? You will understand! An entry to a contest will basically be judged by the rules and regulations plus quality of the content. A well written entry may be rejected on technical grounds if technicality is highlighted in the rules for submission. Your thread smears of a doubt which need to be cleared. Mr Kailash, can we be open and clear?
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    First of all I give full marks to those who participate in any contest. By participating itself , it shows that you are going to prove the point. It may be through qualitative response or with professional of writing with most details and statistics. Normally when general topics are raised, giving technical details wont be possible and the reader gets bored. Instead venting our ire at the problem and suggesting solutions would be the fitting reply. But I have seen many responses giving technical details and spending too much time on the matter but the author nor the thread initiator gets impressed over it. So being normal response is always solicited.
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    Saji (#570154) - I have a self imposed limit in being open and transparent and therefore cannot become more clear and open.
    Moreover, this is just a topic floated for discussion.
    I have evaluated question papers in contests organized during certain cutural functions and adjudged contests also during my service period. Many a times I used to cook the results in the overall interest of the organization. I used to use technicalities for eliminating the contestant with a view to award a candidate who was considered more deserving otherwise.

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    Now I am confused how to answer this thread? When we see a competition among chef about cooking competition, then we definitely check everything, taste ( which is quality), well presented ( technicalities). When we do competition for study we just look on quality ( highest number score). When we see the realities shows, they need everything.
    So it is not easy to describe whether quality is important or technicalities is important to win a competition, It differ from competition to competition.
    If you can specify any particular competition then there might be easy to give some suggestion.

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