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    Was Modi's cabinet expanded on basis of caste, religion and political considerations?

    Consider the following facts regarding today's expansion of the Modi cabinet -
    1. The 19 new ministers come from 10 different states of India.
    2. There are experts like PP Chaudhary - an advocate; Subhash Bhamre - a surgeon; MJ Akbar - an editor; Arjun Ram Meghwal - a former bureaucrat and Anil Madhav Dave - a writer and conservationist.
    3. There are three ministers from UP and Gujarat and one minister from Uttarakhand where elections are due next year.
    4. Two new ministers belong to Scheduled Tribes and five to Scheduled Castes. Also there are two minority leaders and two women.
    Was Modi's cabinet expanded on basis of caste, religion and political considerations?
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    In a diverse country like India, the Cabinets must reflect the representation of all regions. But the noteworthy fact in this expansion is that some extremely efficient M.P.s from diverse fields have been accommodated. Hope this will bring more efficiency in functioning of the Government.
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    It seems Modi is giving priority to his close rapport persons and thus bringing more close to them. But why South India has been completely sidelined and not a single birth for any person. Are we not eligible ?
    K Mohan
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    South India didn't have any representation since BJP is not a major force in South. As far as I know many South Indians sees BJP as North Indian / Hindi political party because of their leaders always speak in Hindi and their love towards Hindi / Sanskrit . Without Yeddyurappa Karnataka also falls in the same line.
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    TDP and BJP are the electoral partners in the AP and there are some members elected from BJP and TDP to Parliament. Why no one is considered by Modi. It is simple case of sidelining the aspirations of South India.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I am not good in politics, not even too much knowledge about our minister relation, but since our prime minister Narendra Modi formed Governemnt, I ahve seen he has choosing ministers very smartly.
    Giving a small example Dharmendra Pradhan ( our petroleum minister) who is from Odisha, he has chosen for minister because he will represent BJP here, as BJP failed to win MLA and MP seats here with good numbers.
    from last 2 year he is at Odisha for 20 months, then how he is doing his work properly? SO every time he choose ministers from such place where he wants to make his future presence. Or who is purely dedicated to him.
    His most of his powerful ministers have been rejected by voting system, still they get minister position. What does it mean?
    Although there is examples of such things in past, why did not he respect the choice of voter?

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