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    " How the topic of a forum thread should be?"

    The forum section is the most visited feature of the India Study Channel. We find a range of forum threads raised by the members on various topics. The members respond to them from their knowledge, experience and observations of the happenings around them. At times the members are required to search the internet for the sake of statistics and some additional information on the topic. The topic should be such that it can be responded to by the members from their knowledge and elicit useful information. The topic should not be such that we have to search for it totally from the internet or from other sources. Do you accept my observation or not?
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    I raised threads which are naturally happened that are not available in Internet for example why fruits are selling in different quantities in different regions.
    Do you repay the erroneous amount given by the shop keeper
    What I am trying to say is I will recollect from my brain and got triggered by seeing that word or some Incidence. I will wrote here without any fear.

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    By the way who is asking anybody to respond by viewing a source and write here. If a member is active in his life and about the happenings around him, responding to forum questions is easy and that would be more forward looking if the member responds shares his personal experience on the matter being discussed. Referring to internet for even normal matter would signify that we are not having any observation talent. I never look into internet for responses but when ever I read some interesting stuff in the social media, I try to share the same with ISC and of course with my style of raising heading and the content. What I feel that general threads gets greater responses.
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    When topics where I do not have knowledge or experience are coming in forum, I participate passively. That is, I read the various posts and gather whatever I can know from them on the till then unfamiliar subject.

    Sometimes the discussions may induce me to try to know and learn more about the matter from other sources.

    So when a topic on which w have something to contribute is coming we can participate and post response, otherwise we may read and enjoy the discussion going on. In case we are not at all interested we may ignore the same.

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    As far as the topics or subject matter for raising threads are concerned different members have their own preferences, styles and choices.
    There are members who raise a thread on watching a news item appearing on the television channel. That is the easiest method. Just pick the news and raise a thread.
    Few try to be very creative and raise something unique . However such threads may or may not click. Often attempts to infuse over creativity, mars the thread and no responses are received.
    Some members deliberately raise threads on some controversial topic perhaps with an objective to enjoy the responses posted by various members.
    However, primarily it depends on the capability of the member concerned. There are members who have no original ideas of their own. They simply get inspired by the threads raised by other members and raise a new thread on a similar topic on getting cue from others threads.
    However, all threads are welcomed and other members post or don't post their responses as per their own decisions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Normally forum is just for small chat, so there is no need of technical words or any particular key words, anything can be written there. So I do not think no body will do hard work to find out the name of topic. It can be a news, information, knowledge sharing, asking a question etc.
    " Puri Cart festival is on 6th July". This can be a topic with some information about Rath Yatra ( Cart Festival).
    And yes topic should not be so technical words, or else the reader might not understand and will not show interest to read the full article.

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    The thread posted here are mainly based on ones experience in life and knowledge gained from it. However, if necessary more information can be collected from the web site or books. However, the thread should contain reliable and true information as far as possible.
    We all know that no one is having knowledge about everything, hence any thread must be imparting some new information to the reader.
    My experience is that each thread is useful in the sense it helps me know something new, especially when several comments from different readers appear as follow ups.

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    I fully support the view expressed by Mr. Raghava Rao in this thread. A forum thread should be responded from observation an experience. The information/data collected from various sources including internet should supplement the observation; it should never be main response. If the Members depend excessively on internet, the Forum section may lose its spontaneity and consequently become mechanical.
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    K.V.Raghava Rao, in my view point, the easiest way to measure how responsive your forum message is with members is by number of responses you receive for your thread. Already this one has eight of such which is not bad. You mentioned the internet; it is good in checking your spelling for words that can't be corrected by word program. i.e they are not well placed though not wrongly spelt out.
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