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    Why North people do take food with spoon and South people take with hand?

    When I was there in Mumbai, most of the North Indians my colleagues when taking white rice (which is very less quantity) take food with spoon but South Indians do take their food with hand as I asked once my North Indian friend why do you take white rice with spoon they said if there are any dirt hand that will not go into food and also it is easy to clean the hand.Is it right idea to take the white rice with spoon?Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    There is no hard and fast rule that every North Indian people take the food with spoon. For example to eat Rotis and Parathas, spoon cannot help and they have to take the help of hand to eat. But when it comes to South, we have the habit of eating by sitting on the floor. Dining table eating is not preferred by all even by me. Eating by sitting on floor gives comfortable posture for the person and we eat preferably with food served on plantain leaf. That would be not only hygienic but also healthy too. By using various fingers on right hand, the person uses his taste buds and leisurely enjoys the food much to the delight of hosts. That is the essence of eating.
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    They used to eat white rice with spoon only.
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    Bhushan what I understand that we cannot have that full stomach feeling if we eat through the help of spoon. Our hand is the best and there is no substitute.
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    God created man with hands for eating. Man created spoons for eating while the hands are unclean. While the people from North have no time and water to wash their hands due to they being hard (hard) working labourers and water scarcity, South Indians have enough time and water to wash their hands due to they being hardly (hardly) working labourers. You would agree if I say that Northerners are hard workers when compared to the southerners. The spoon culture was formed in that manner. And you would also agree if I say that Southerners are hard thinkers while Northerners are hardly thinkers. My response may be funny but the truth.

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    What I guess is the Northern people were more close to British and other foreign settlements like cantonments etc during the long British rule. Many people from those geographical areas would have worked with the English and other western people.

    The early people to go to England for higher studies and profession may be from those sides. This could have helped the people in those area to come into contact and be easy with certain western habits.

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    As far as north India is concerned, roti made of wheat flour is main component of the meal. Since roti cannot be eaten with spoon, people use their hands only to eat roti. In many parts of north India, a mixed diet of roti and rice is taken. Generally people eat rice also with hand only. In my social circle i.e. friends, relatives and family members, almost all of them eat rice by hands only.
    Cuisine is a part of culture and different regions have different cultures. There is no comparison between the various culture. In India, the general practice is to eat by hands only. In the eastern part of India also where rice is the main component of diet, people eat by hands only.
    Needless to say that the hands should be washed well before meals.
    As a matter of fact, generally fingers play main role in eating instead of whole hand.
    Many people use spoons and even fork and knife also for taking meals in restaurants in almost all parts of India.

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    I want to keep my view in this case, No body ash instructed us how to eat, we the human eat as per our comfort and courtesy .
    As every corner is ahving different food preparation, normally in North Indian they prepare such foods, which can be eat by using spoon, where is south Indian foods are full of gravy and liquid item so that need hand to mix the rice with sambar, rasam etc.
    You must have seen most of Chinese eat through chop stick, because they make tehir food in small shape so that it can be easily grab through chop stick, we eat soup with the help of a spoon whether you are at North India or south India.
    So as per our comfort we eat the food.
    Foreign people use spoon, fork, knife to eat there food, where as we Indians eat everything with hand ( whether it is rice, Tandoori chicken, fish etc).

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    The basic premise behind the question is entirely wrong. Even today, majority of north Indians eat with fingers. Westernised Indians, irrespective of the region they belong, use fork and spoons. Using fork and spoons is part of western culture.
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    Well, I think it all differs from family to family. It has nothing to do with the region one belongs to.

    I would like to share intances where I has seen Indians sitting in India among Indians and behaving like Westerners. Foreigners would not know how to eat chapati with roti so if they roll the chapati hold it with one hand, take a bite of the rolled chapati then have a spoonful of vegetable it doesn't look weird. But I have seen many Indians do that! Strange, but true.

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    I am from the North and I do not agree with the author's view. There are many people belonging to this region who do not use cutlery to eat rice based dishes. The difference (according to my observation) is in the way people eat.

    People belonging to northern states generally use only their fingers when eating, whereas, people belonging to southern states use their entire hand. Northerners will dirty only part of their fingers when eating. The latter mash the rice, idli etc with their hands and then eat it. Sometimes liquid remnants of the food even trickle down the arm. There are different ways that the food is eaten. Some people make a ball of the mashed food and fling it into their open mouth while some others stick their tongue out and place the food on it. There are other peculiar styles of eating too, which I don't want to discuss here.

    I am no authority on how people eat, my response is based on how I have seen people eating at wedding receptions and restaurants.

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    I don't know what made the author to give this judgement. It doesn't depend on the region but on the family upbringing. Most of the families who are influenced by western culture use spoon to eat rice. I think this has been ingrained in most of the Indians from any part of our country. People go to restaurant and send their children to international schools where all the western things are taught.

    Once I was in a restaurant and a south India family was eating with hands by making rice balls. Some western people sitting there were absolutely disgusted and even laughed at them. So, in my view south Indians don't worry about anything what others say and keep eating with hands at even public places but north Indians are very sensitive towards their public appearance (specially those who are rich). In north India even families from rural area don't like eating with spoons.

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    Eating with spoon happens in both north India as well as south India. It is not the case that only people from North India eat with spoon. I think this was a culture that was brought to us from the west. We always had the practice of eating food only with hands. In Tamilnadu there is also a feeling that if we eat with hands we will be able to eat more quantity compared to eating with Spoon. People are much used to it and they think that it gives a royal feeling with they eat food with spoon.

    Another aspect of eating food with spoon is that, you will not have necessity to wash your hands. If you are in situations where you dont have water to wash your hand then it is obvious that you go for spoons to eat your food.

    I have also seen places where if we eat food with hands and that too in a official meeting or something, people give a weird look. If people think that if you eat food with hands you are easily exposed to germs, then that is when they should understand the significance of washing the hands before eating. Not changing the way they to spoons instead of hands.

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    Bhushan Ji, eating with a spoon or hand etc are all according to the persons and in their interest. But the food items like chapati,parota, dosa are normally eaten by hand. By considering south India, many of us are fond of rice only that too the rice is mixed (well mixed)with sambar/rasam/dahi then only complete satisfaction arises. Bhushan ji you too once try to eat rice by mixing well with sambar/rasam/dahi like us and then tell about the spoon or hand. However, I wish to remember one thing in this connection. Once Dr.Radhakrishnan,Former President of India, started to eat in dinner offered by Churchil, after washing his hand and he started to eat with his hands. Churchil told him,'Why you are using hands? use spoon and fork, they are more hygienic".Dr.Radhakrishnan,replied,"Since nobody has used my hand to eat before, my hand is more hygienic than any spoonyou can find" (ref.: Above all, during recent visit, US president ate the masala dosa with his hands only.

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