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    Me in ISC- ISC itself showed me. Who am I?

    The day when I first saw in my life, the name India Study Channel, my life has totally changed and in fact made me to realise who am I? Thanks to ISC which has opened my eye to travel in that direction. On that day when I had a recap and realised that my first few contributions are towards education only that is School, College, Coaching centres and status of professional education. But afterwards may be with my age and inclination towards forum section influenced on many issues like creativity, politics, jokes etc., and always had an eye on the badge of creative only. But other members in ISC then and there hinted that I am a kind of person in ISC logo though some members influenced by my creative threads especially creativity in titles. Being animal socialist and my admiration towards birds always connected me to birds and I have thought that I am birds in ISC logo and even written a forum thread when someone asked others to write on the topic 'If I were birds' and imagined the scariness of situation if I was each and every bird in the world. That scariness itself showed that I cannot be birds in the ISC logo.

    Then who am I? Yes, ISC itself made me realised that I am Guide in ISC logo and the legacy showed by the ISC team towards me and acknowledged from my contribution that I am sort of a person say Guide.

    When I thought of contributions towards guide my first memory goes to my messages to others when I read their posts and suddenly strikes me but later those members even have become editorial panel which created me shy as well as smile. Also my stubbornness in cancelling the answer in ask expert section when I found that was a copy & Paste and the struggle I had to get a solid proof though I found it from my knowledge but that struggle really went off when I received a gift to that effect.

    Also a guide is a continuous learner and hence I corrected my entries when I received messages on my errors and also learnt many things from other members contribution. It reminds me of a saying in Tamil "Katrathu Kaiyalavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu' which is displayed in NASA and I have also quoted in the article of a Poet who has written this quote meaning, 'Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean'. I feel proud that when I write this, it coincides with the news flash in TV that Juno has reached Jupiter. Why I say this because, in ISC I have imagined myself many times as a Guide and reached other planets via my imagination and also won in one of the Guru Poornima Contests when I taught running and drawing.

    Also in some other contributions, I have even taken hint and clues from good movies and highlight them as case study in appropriate places and even that has been selected as best answers too by authors which showed that it has helped them in some way and so a guide should always be helpful to others not only in academics but in every aspect of life.

    This is entry for 'Me, ISC logo' contest.
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    A very nice write up. But the author has forgotten to give at least one link of any feature of this site as required by the condition of the topic. Please edit and include the feature .
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Saroja, I was going on reading with a feeling that it is your birthday in ISC and wanted to check your profile to ensure that. But at last I saw that 'This is entry for 'Me, ISC logo' contest.

    A real sincere write up straight from heart, as it is always: from Saroja we know in ISC.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    A rose is always a rose. A Roja is a Roja. Yes(S) A Roja is SARoja. ISC has shown us who is Saroja, what is Saroja, how is Saroja and why is Saroja at ISC. A good write up from you. Well done Sister. Keep up your good creative writing on Me(You) ....ISC Logo.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Thank you members.

    @Mohan, as I have described many things happened in ISC, I am thinking of an apt to link as we may have to give only one link but I feel many and hence before closing date I will link one.

    @Venkiteswaran thank you for your response which is also same straight from your heart.

    @Sun Thank you for your response related to my name too.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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