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    Jai Jagannath ( Tomorrow 6th July is the day for Cart festival)

    Tomorrow 6th July 2016 at Puri the world famous cart festival ( Rath Yatra) is going to be celebrated. Where millions of devotees will visit for pulling cart of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi subhadra.
    Although you can find out a lot of things by Googling, but as I am from that place if any body is having any question and enthusiasm, regarding this festival, just ask and I will tell you some interesting unknown factor, some myths, some stories at this Thread.
    Hope after knowing such things you will definitely love to visit next year if you have never visited this World famous festival.
    Jai jagannath
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    On the eve of Rathjatra, I pay my respect to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra (Balaram) and Goddess Subhadra. The biggest Rathjatra festival is held at Shri Jagannathham Puri in Orissa. In West Bengal also, Rathjatra is celebrated with pomp and glory.
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    It is an interesting ritual. But that rathyatra is more than a ritual. It is a reminiscence of past. The temple itself is not older than 500 years. In fact the oldest Hindu temple ever discovered was just 1800 years old, which meant we did not have temples in BC. What did we have then?
    We did worship idols back then. Then where were they kept and worshiped?
    Here's the answer - Chariots took the main idol from place to place back then.
    Even today we can see,the famous Hindu temples such as Konark which has wheels.
    So this ritual means a lot.

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    Ratha Yatra is celebrated in more than 108 cities around the world and the Rath Yatra of Kolkata is the second largest Rath Yatra in the world followed by the Rath Yatra of Ahmedabad, Gujarat State which is said to be the third largest in the world.
    Some of the other major cities in the world where Rath Yatra is celebrated include Moscow, New York, London, Rome, Berlin, Sydney, Nairobi, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Montreal, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore and Bangkok etc. The Ratha Yatra festival has become popular through the ISKCON Hare Krishna movement.
    Regarding the offer made by the author of the thread that the members can raise any query related to the festival, I have to ask one question. I have read a strory about the dream of King Indradyumna of Jagannath Puri related to the festival. What was that?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Swagathika,thanks as I planned to pen about the rathyathra but you have lead me. I visited three to four times puri but I never seen the rath yathra in Puri but I have attended in Phulbani,Khandmal district of Orissa, place of my devarani, two years back. It is really a great festival. Puri is the place one should visit in his/her lifetime and peacefully see the temple and enjoy the sculptures which cannot be done now even by greatest scientist of present era. Now also, I am watching the same in DD odia.

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    Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra is the world famous Hindu ritual and it gains importance because out of 108 most revered temples of Hindus this temple occupies the prime position. The name of the God itself represents that he the God for the Universe and what else better explanation can be given. It is really a eye catching to watch the Rath Yatra moving slowly by pulling the car by numerous crowd that gathered at the famous Jaganath Temple at Puri. Though I never had the opportunity to visit this temple, in Hyderabad the ISCKON organizes the same yatra in grand scale and I have participated in it. The main temple at Abids is really captivating and enchanting.
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    Jai Jagannath! Happy Rathyatra festival season Swagatika. Very happy that I have also pulled the chariot of the Lord locally and felt as if I were in the main stream of the people of of Puri.

    @Kailash sir: There are different stories prevailing about the history of the Lord of Puri. One prominent such one was that King Vishnu of Puri dreamt of Lord Neel Madhav seeking him to construct a temple for him in Puri and his idol can be searched somewhere in the hilly terrains of the region. Soon the king ordered for a search and sent his crew. The mission failed and the minister who himself undertook the responsibility in the Eastern ghat region fell in love with the daughter of a tribal king. He marries the girl and noticed that the Tribal king goes regularly in the morning into the deep forest with the forest flora of various features. He asked his newly wedded wife about this and the girl breaks the promise made to her father and reveals the fact that he daily worships Neel Madhav a unique idol they found there. The Minister insisted to visit the location and the tribal king was compelled to show him, after all, he was his son-in-law. So he tied his eyes with a cloth and took him to the spot and the intelligent minister dropped mustered seeds all along the path. He came back to Puri and told the king about the happening and went with his army in search of the idol. They could find the path with the growth of the small mustered plants and surprisingly the idol gets disappeared. The tribal king gets angry and prayed the lord to appear for him. The Lord told him that he would get incarnated in the form of wood where he used to perform pooja to the idol. The minister promised to constructed a temple on the top of the hill which is known as Pachim Puri located in Koraput today and takes away the wooden piece to Puri. King Vishnudyumn also dreams the same and constructs the present Puri temple.

    Another story about the Rath festival was Lord Jagnnath fells sick for fifteen days and his brother Balaram and sister Subhadra took care of him. The necessary food during the period of medication was provided by his 'Mausi' and after getting cured Lord Jagannath with his brother and sister visit her house. Getting annoyed with this Goddess Lakshmi wants to stay away for some time as sister Subhadra was given importance and taken to mausi maa That's why the idols in the main shrine of Puri would removed and stored in a separate room where daily the priest dedicated for this job will offer prasad as a medicine fifteen days prior to Rath Yaatra. The first day of Rath yaatra would be the journey to Mausi maa mandir near Gudincha temple at Puri. there the idols would worshipped with different avatars of the Lord for nine days and would be returned to the Main temple on the tenth day.

    Thus Rath yaatra stands as a symbol for universal love and an affectionate bondage among brothers and sisters.


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    Jagdish (#570342) - Thank you for sharing legends about the 'Rathotsava'. However in my post #570262, I had specifically requeated the strory about the dream of King Indradyumna of Jagannath Puri related to the festival. Please try to share the same, if possible.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #570359: When Lord Krishna ended the purpose of his Avatar with the death by 'jara' and his "mortal" remains were left to decay, some people saw the body, collected the bones and preserved them in a box. They remained in the box till it was brought to the attention of King Indrdyumna by Lord Vishnu himself, who directed him to create the image or a 'Murti' of Jagannath from a log and consecrate the bones of Krishna in its belly (in a dream). Then the King appointed Lord Vishwakarma to carve the Murti of the Deity from a log which would eventually wash up on the shore at Puri. Lord Vishwakarma accepted the offer on the condition that he would not be disturbed till the carving of the image of the Deity was completed, and the king to this condition. He then began his work behind closed doors.

    King Indradyumna was very eager to know the progress. After a fortnight, the King could not control his eagerness and he visited the site where Vishwakarma was working. Vishwakarma was very upset and he left the carving of the idol unfinished, the images were without hands and feet. The king was very sorry and appealed to Brahma to help him. Brahma promised the King that the images which were carved would be deified as carved and would become famous. Indradyumna then organised a function to formally deify the images, and invited all Gods to be present for the occasion. Brahma presided over the religions function as the Chief Priest and brought life to the image and opened its eyes. This is the history of the images worshipped at Puri.

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    I have heard about the great grand Car festival of Puri, but I haven't visited Puri yet. I wish to visit Puri once in my life time. Very recently on 20th June, we had a car festival in Tirunelveli. This was the 512nd year car festival. The festival is conducted regularly every year in the month of (Karkatakam)June. There are five different cars for each deity varying in size. One for Nellaiappar(Siva) another for Kanthimathi(Parvathi), one for Vigneswara, one for Subramanya(Karthikeya) and the last for Chandikeswar. The biggest and tallest is the Car of Nellaiappar. This is said to be the third large Temple Car.
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