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    The search engine loves new stuff

    When you just don't add new stuff in your timeline this is not very good for your ranking.
    Like your profile page is set in a read only mode. You are in problems. You might like
    to update this profile with your latest internet activity even though at you can't write articles for one reason or another.
    We are guys on the move. Discovering new ways to find and write
    extraordinary stuff and therefore might be interested in promoting these pieces of
    work. As an example

    Please, if possible look at my profile page so it might also include write mode.
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    I do agree with the author. When ever we raise a post or respond to it, we should include such words which are more understandable to the net users and that must enable to reach the article and read the content. I am glad to put on the record that most of my submission in Indian Study Channel through forum messages has been indexed by the Google within few minutes and that given immense pleasure to any author that the writing is on the lines of Google acceptance and its policies. So when we raise contents with user friendly words surely the ads also appears in our pages and thus cash credits are also assured. That way we start earning.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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