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    Reminders to the rescue?

    Daily reminders of tasks are very necessary in our busy lives everyday.Schedules are busy and appointments to be taken care of in time.Children have to be handled and their little necessities not overlooked.For working parents,balancing meetings,professional and personal lives is even more daunting and forgetting minor tasks is totally possible.Now,the question is that are we becoming more dependent on technology instead of our memory power?
    Even I was surprised when I recently saw how many reminders I had kept for my future appointments,some even for the next year! Are we losing out on depending on our memory power or are we becoming lazy thinking that the apps will do the job for us?
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    I think it's not about laziness, its about convenience and been on top of things.

    We have so many things to do and handle in a day that sometimes even 24 hours seems less. Many a times we remember important dates and events till the last moment and when the date and time arrives we have forgotten that! So instead of missing out on them it's better to keep a note. I guess earlier they used a diary to note important reminders now we use mobile reminders and apps.

    But it's also true we are compromising with our memory to some extent and depending on external gadgets. Every modern invention has their pros and cons.

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    That means the author is not having confidence on her or her thinking ability to remember things for today, tomorrow or future. Please note that our mind is used for just five percent by us and remaining 95 percent is unused or kept reserved. Even this five percent is not put into use productively and kept it active. I do understand that with the advent of cell phones, we can do many tasks and that includes alerting for the important task in advance. But we should not heavily depend on that feature. Thereby we are not giving any work to our brain and making it more lazy. So from today discard the alert messages and try to remember the work schedules through mind.
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    Nowadays we have become extremely dependent on gadgets. Many people can't even remember the telephone nos. of the most near relatives. I myself dial the entire number in my mobile every time without going to the contact book of the cell-phone. Similarly, if we write (in the old-fashioned manner) the future engagements, we have better chance of remembering, because when we write, the engagements get registered in our brain more clearly.
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    Morethan the gadgets, a handwritten diary would be more helpful to remind the events. We should develop our diary writing habit. Maintain a diary of events. Refer it before going to bed and after rising from the bed. Make a note of events for the day and carry it in your pocket. I am sure you won't miss even a single event for the day. The day will be fine and perfect with no missing event.
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    Human mind has its limitations. The most imporatant events are never forgotten. In case of a number of events, one may have be consider prioritizing the same. After reaching certain stage, we may have to learn to say no also.
    I have experience of using almost all kinds of techniques for ensuring that the goals are not lost sight of. Some of the interesting conventional methods were as follows -
    1. I had pasted hand made small size posters at many strategic positions when I was a bachelor and living alone away from home.
    2. Started planning for major events more than one year in advance by drawing calender of the entire period and keeping on noting down/updating the same continually.
    3. Preparing tables/charts of all activities of recurring kind like payment of insurance /investment premiums etc. together with the maturity dates etc.
    4. Marking on the calender pages.
    However it has to be kept in mind that alert has to be there many more days in advance than the actual event.
    I am prefering to not to mention about the eletronic kinds of alerts.

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    The more senior you get, lets say at your place of work, the more the responsibilities bestowed on you. Here you are not allowed to make mistakes which might cost the organization dearly. You might miss an important meeting with a client causing lose of income to the company. Just in case you make a mistake, it is best to jot down all your planned appointments.
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