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    Be caring and cordial to others, they come searching for you even when you are away.

    Now a days what I observed is the fact that people want one to one conversation and having cordial and caring relations. Vexed are those who had been getting solace through unknown person chatting and now people are searching for tender hearts who can listen and lend their ears for suggestions and issues. One need not donate money or material to get a name in the hearts of the people, just few good words of caring and comfort can bring sea change in the attitude of opposite person who was in distress and stress. Have you ever tried this ?
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    There is the other side of the story also. With the increase in population, everything has become very competitive. Nowadays , people have no time to gossip and induldge in lengthy one to one convesations. Instead they are prefering to not to meet in person and be in touch through phone calls and social media only. The internet has made people very busy. They no longer wait for some relative or friend to visit unannounced without prior intimation. Earlier the call bell of the house used to ring and on opening the door, we used to find some friend and relative with his/her entire family.
    However, still there are many individuals who have not been able to switch over to the modern technology. Therefore they still expect the people to behave in olden ways. When two such like minded people come in contact with each other, then they spend their time in criticising the younger generation about their not paying due attention to them.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In this context I read an interesting article which spoke about hiring a friend. That is, you pay for an hour to meet somebody and go for a movie together or have lunch or simply converse with him/her. Thus were launched online sites to find a friend to hire for those feeling lonely. On the one hand it was sad to read about the people who felt lonesome and were willing to shell out big bucks (over Rs.500 and above even) just to hire somebody to talk to. On the other hand I feel it is good to at least get somebody with whom to have a conversation and unload one's emotions on or share one's general experiences, hobbies and interests. Of course, there are inherent dangers too in such a hiring process, with the person hired and the one hiring taking care not to be conned or worse. I presume the online sites offering such hire-a-friend services are vetting the people they employ who will be the friend.
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    Care and cordial to others is very much necessary from each one of us. This could be realized only when one see a patient in an hospital as admitted. By seeing the service of a nurse,irrespective of male or female,we can see the necessity of the care and cordial extension from us. Moreover when we admit any of our relative in the hospital and if a nurse or doctor sullen on him/her(the patient) or on us (the attendant) we should see our heartbeat raised more. But we are not thinking about us and our action to other people when we are in that state.

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