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    Cabinet reshuffle: Smriti Irani shifted to Ministry of Textiles!

    Today's newspapers have reported that Ms. Smriti Irani has been shifted from Ministry of HRD to Ministry of Textiles. This was totally unexpected. I personally feel this disappointing because Ms. Irani was slowly but steadily marginalising the anti-national, left-oriented divisive forces entrenched in our institutions of higher learning. She also started revising the syllabi of various subjects, especially the study of History, the area where the left-oriented intellectuals were openly demeaning and degrading India's traditional culture and education.

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Prakash Javadekar, the successor of Ms. Irani in the Ministry of HRD, would continue the reform process initiated by her.
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    A change was not necessary, and the PM wanted it. He must have studied and analyzed the performance of Smriti very deeply, and also must have heard something different through others. Let us wait and see what Smriti Irani does as a Textile Minister, and Mr Prakash Javadekar as HRD Minister.

    Smriti felt bad when she was addressed as 'Dear' and made it an issue. This could be one possible reason for her shift from HRD to Textiles for not interpreting the word 'Dear' in its correct sense. How can she continue as Education Minister. Modi is right in shifting her to the most attractive Ministry.

    There is a vast difference between 'Dear Smrita Irani'(General) and 'Smirita Irani Dear'(Personal). The MLA has used only 'Dear Smriti Irani' correctly.

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    One thing is common in both the outgoing HRD minister Smiriti Irani and the new HRD minster Prakash Javadekar. Both are simple graduates only.
    The new HRD minister has completed his B.Com. degree from the University of Pune. However his family is highly educated. His wife Dr Prachee Javadekar is a leading educational consultant at Pune. She was earlier director of the Indira Institute of Management, Pune. His daughter is pursuing a PhD in Economics from Boston University, USA and his son is a dentist. Thus we can see that Prakash Javadekar had been very conscience about the educational matter at his family level and therefore in my opinion he is likely to prove a better HRD miniter than his predecesor.
    The tenure of Smriti Irani was full of controversies like her educational credentials and policy decisions regarding the subject matters of her portfolio.
    After completion of two years as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra modi has acted befittingly by demonstrating as to who is the boss.
    However introduction of Anupriya Patel as a minister, who was expelled by her mother, Krishna, from the party Apna Dal, for alleged anti-party activities in the year 2015, is likely to open another pandora's box.

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    So, let us wait and watch the performance of new ministers and old ministers in the new ministries. Let us wish them all the very best.
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    According to Opindia, Smriti Irani has become the target of sexist and crass attacks by media and on social media by so-called liberals.
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    The Prime Minister Modi took the decision to shift Smriti Irani from HRD to Textiles. He must have had his own reasons. Prime Minister Modi is not the sort of person to take a decision on the strength remarks made by media or on social networks. He must have been unhappy with her performance with HRD Ministry.
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    In fact what I feel that the change was for the better. We have the new Minister Prakash Javedekar in place of Smriti Irani as HRD Minister. Surely Javedekar has the skill and trust worthy person in BJP and hence his progressive thinking would be seen within few days.
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