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    Is India really a difficult country?

    "India is a difficult country" said a famous actress of India in a foreign land. She said that it would take time to change the mindset of people about women.
    "Is India really a difficult country with regard to women in India? Have we not changed? Are we not changing? When can we see India really not a difficult country? Is the day far away or very close to us?

    Members, Kindly discuss this difficult issue here.
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    She was partly right. Things happening nowadays bring such comments towards our country. Look how many vices are taking place in your home land. Although it is the responsibility of an individual to change this nation's fate.
    Well I need to know the name of the actress first to give a subtle answer.
    But the nation isn't difficult, the people living in it are.
    We treat our actors like Gods and freedom fighters like a garbage. We show great respect to Police and Army,but none to a hard working farmer.
    We respect women but not before locking her up in the kitchen, we give utensils in the hands of woman instead of pens and books.
    And don't even get me started about corruption and bribes.
    But still there is a small hope beneath every Indian's buried heart. That hope shines like a pole star in the night sky.
    Unfortunately it still remains as a hope.
    We will never achieve true independence until we curb all the offenses that are taking place.
    And as I mentioned earlier, I am curious to know who made this comment.

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    'India is a difficult country. It is like one whole world wherein each state has different traits, different culture, different language, different writing, different thought process and different religion. It (change in mindset for women) is not going to be changed tomorrow'.
    The above is what was observed by Priyanka Chopra as a Unicef goodwill ambassador while launching a 'Fair Start' campaign at New Delhi.
    As appearing in the media, she also observed that - 'Since the time I remember, and it is not our country's fault, the whole world treats women as second fiddle. It will take sometime to change that. And the change can only come when all the girls will stand united and ask for their right'.
    Thus it appears that the author has quoted the statement out of context.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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