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    Sun of ISC with the logo of ISC

    [This entry wins the consolation prize for the 'Me, the logo of ISC' creative writing contest]

    I, the Sun of ISC is regular with my activities of rising from the east of India from Bay of Bengal and setting in the west of in India into the Arabian sea. I could watch and enjoy the following happening on the earth.

    In a village called Gnanapuram, Mr. Panchamirtham, a 6-foot tall old man with a thin body and a long grown grey beard, and wearing a saffron attire was walking on the roads with a bag hung on his shoulder. He was on his barefoot. On his way, he met the students Ramu, Somu and Yamu who have completed their graduation and were preparing for a job interview. They were ridiculing the old man for his size, dress, look and barefoot. Mr. Panchamirtham politely called and asked the students "My dear boys, Where is your school and which is the way to go to your school?" Upon hearing this English words from a sanyasi like Panchamirtham, Ramu, Somu and Yamu were stunned and were spellbound for a while. They managed to reply him in whatever English they knew. Pancharmirtham felt pity upon those students for their bad English. He told them," Thank you, boys. May I know your educational qualification?" All said that they were science graduates and were preparing for an interview. Mr. Panchamirtham said," Well Boys, I would like to teach you something that is essential to be successful in your interview." The students were pleased and a time was fixed.

    At the appointed time, Mr. Panchamirtham took the students to an open space and made them to sit under a big banyan tree. He sat on a high position and opened up his laptop. He logged into India Study channel and showed the logo of ISC to the students. He asked,"What do you see in this and what do you understand by this?" Ramu said,"There is a round object and birds are flying inside it. They are going out and coming in repeatedly " Somu said,"The colour is changing from white to dark and dark to white very frequently." Yamu said,"Sir ji, We all are there, you are sitting. Me, Ramu and Somu are sitting under your feet.

    Mr. Panchamirtham said," You all are right with your own perceptions. It is the globe that rotates with sunrise and sunset. After sunrise, the birds fly out of their nest and after sunset they return to their nest. It is one me like Guru teaching the three disciples like you as to how to understand the universal things and to be successful in life. " And he continued with his speech as to how to develop their English writing/speaking skill. He also advised them to become a member of India Study Channel to improve their General Knowledge. He said that active participation in discussion in the FORUM section of ISC would help them to achieve success in their interview.

    I (Sun) felt proud of watching this scene on this earth. I was proud of being a part of this great ISC Logo.

    @This is my entry for ' Me, the Logo of ISC' contest.
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    Frankly speaking, I am deeply impressed by the creative prowess of Mr. sun. He has brilliantly connected the logo of ISC, the role of a mentor/guide and one distinguishing feature of the site. Well done, Mr. Sun!
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    Beautifully given all the details needed for a novice in ISC through the words of Mr. Panchamirtham. This is creative thinking with information. Well Done!!

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