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    Unknown facts of known dry grapes

    Dry grapes, called also as Raisins, we are using daily indirectly and directly. The following facts are unknown to many in relation to the dry grapes:
    • The usage of dry grapes started in early of 1490.
    • 308 calories are in 100 grams dry grapes
    • No fats are found in dry grapes but 3 grams of protein,34 grams of carbohydrates and 26 grams of glucose in one hundred grams of dry grapes
    • 0. 81 milligram of iron is available in 45 grams of dry grapes as 8 mg for males and 18 Mg for females is the requirement per day.
    • The content of Cateching is highly helpful to the consumer in prevention of cancer, cold and fever.
    • The content of potassium in 45 grams of dry grapes is 322 mg.
    • Orginin, containing in the dry grapes will highly helpful for fertility in males
    • Phythonutrients in the dry grapes improves the eye sight in us
    • Oleanolic acid in the dry grapes helps us to control the tooth cavity.
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    Some of the health benefits of eating raisins are as follows -
    1. Raisins swell after ingestion due to the body's natural fluids which adds bulk to the food moving through the intestinal tract and thus provides relief in constipation.
    2. Since the raisins are full of fructose and glucose and stimulate efficient absorption of the proteins, vitamins and nutrients gained from food, it helps in gaining weight and improves overall energy and immune system strength.
    3. Catechins present in raisins helps in cancer prevention.
    4. Raisins can help control spikes or plunges in insulin levels in diabetic patients as it modulates the sugar absorption by the body.
    5. Due to the presence of an amino acid called arginine, raisins are known to stimulate the libido and induce arousal.
    6. Oleanolic acid present in raisins, helps in protecting teeth against tooth decay, cavities and teeth brittleness.

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    Raisins are excellent for the patients having Aneamatic - problem as a result of deficiency of iron and it stimulates the digestive enzymes due to presence of presence of Vitamin-B causing a surge in appetite. It's Continious use for nearly two months in the morning in the empty stomach will offer you positive results in many disease such as Constipation and Under -weight. The charecterstics of the Raisin is to swell in the intestine a condition essential for the smooth passage of the stools in the morning on its regular ingestion. It is such a wonderful fruit that Ayurvedic medicine is made from it known as Drakshasava useful for gaining weight and for enhancing the digestive - system.

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    For the first time I am coming across so many information and advantages of using Kismis as we call it locally. We also keep this as Prasad for the God when nothing is available urgently. And giving the juice of dry grapes would help children get easy digestion.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Sincere thanks to Mr. Pattabiraman for compiling the benefits of dry grapes (raisin/'kismis' in Hindi). In addition to the benefits listed above, dry grapes (in small quantity) helps digestion in children.
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