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    A cool app for ISC this birthday

    Since this is the he birthday month of ISC,wjy not try to make it more accessible and popular by building an app for it on the play store or iTunes for users of the current most popular mobile operating systems.Many downloads and reviews can be achieved by the current members of ISC and hence increase its rating in the app reviews which are displayed when any user wants to download the app.
    The current active features can be incorporated easily if correctly developed by app developers on the technical front.Members please respond to this thread.
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    I want to know more about the subject matter. Being of non-computer/IT background, I have limited knowledge about apps etc. After reading the thread posted by the author, following questions came naturally to my mind -
    1. Will such apps help in increasing traffic on the ISC website ?
    2. What kind of contents generally the user are likely to download using such apps?
    3. Presently people are working on their smartphones for interacting at ISC. Are the software being used on smartphones for accessing ISC, called apps?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    To #570312 (Mr. Kailash Kumar), an app is a short form of application. An application is to computer as app is to phone. For example, you may be using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc,. browser applications to access ISC in your computer. In a phone, you can use any of the browser apps to access ISC. So, the softwares being used on phones to access ISC are apps. An app doesn't necessarily provide downloadable content.

    An ISC app if created would definitely be useful. By doing that, ISC may be known to many more people. I recently came to know that ISC is the India's second best educational site according to Alexa Rankings but many people doesn't know it completely. Some of them might register if there is an app for ISC as some people use phones more than computers.

    Let us continue learning.

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    The request and suggestion for ISC app is there since 2012.

    Members can get an idea of the course and tenor of the discussions from the threads given in the following numbered links.
    Thread of July 2012, sept2012
    In my response to a thread in January 2015, supporting the suggestion, I referred to the earlier threads in the topic. There was a recent as recently as February2016also on the topic.

    However it is or those who are technically equipped and talented and an interest for developing apps that can really do something in this regard. If any ISC member has the expertise and interest he/she may try to develop an app. If something is feasible and possible they can take up with ISC partners.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    The suggestion for a exclusive app to this site has already been made long back and probably our technical savvy webmaster Tony might be designing it. Let us hear from Tony on this matter soon.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The demand for an exclusive app for ISC is very old. Although many a time the matter has been discussed, the proposal has not been accepted so far.
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    @ Kailash Kumar , There is chances of increasing traffic through ISC mobile app. as when ever some one start downloading any educational or earning app, automatically ISC app will show to them . So there is chances of downloading this app by a person even he/she is not a registered member at this site. and can browse a lot many things for the enthusiasm.
    In my opinion also there should be an app, and webmaster only can answer whether they are planning such things or not for future.

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    I think any decision is taken primarily on the basis of its merit regarding chances of increasing traffic on the website.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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