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    Do search using same keywords will yield same results on two different computers?

    The question raised appears to be very simplistic in nature.
    Two individuals conduct search on their own computers using the same keywords. Will the search results listed on their systems, be indentical? Perhaps not, because of their respective 'search histories'.
    Do people delete their web browsing histories regularly? What may be the consequence of deleting or otherwise of the browsing history from the computers?
    I want to know more about the subject matter.
    Learned ISCians are requested to share information about the subject matter based on their practical experiences.
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    This depends on what search you are referring to. If you mean Google, then yes, the search results will differ depending on the logged in user account as well as the location of that computer. On search engines that don't track user behaviour, such as DuckDuckGo, I expect the search results would be identical. If you are referring to local file searches, then the results would obviously differ depending on the data stored on that computer.

    The browsing history stored in your web browser does not affect Google's search results. Google maintains its own browsing history based on the links you've clicked via its search, as well as the searches you've made on the site. This is the one that's used to predict which search results will be valuable to you.

    Apart from obvious privacy concerns, there's no real reason for anyone to delete their browsing histories.

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    As far as my knowledge goes, when we are not clearing the data from the search history, the search engines do help us to get the right information sought for. In this regard I support the Mozilla browser which is indexing our every content and when we search for the same it appears immediately.
    K Mohan
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    I tried to search "Delhi" from my laptop and mobile on Google chrome and in both I found the same result. The top 10 search are same in both device.
    I do not have the technical knowledge behind this search coming, how it come , might be the more content and accurate words contain web site come on top of search engine.
    But while changing the browser I find different search result. So it might come from the search engine and the browser we use.

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    Swagatika (#570419 ) - Were the IP addresses in both the devices different?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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