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    Is it acceptable to link a post in ISC to a post in its sister sites and vice versa?

    I want to register to Dot Net Spider, one of the ISC's sister sites. But, I have a doubt. I posted some articles related to programming in ISC. Suppose if I post a related article in Dot Net Spider, can I provide a link to the article I posted here from the article I posted in Dot Net Spider? I also want to know whether the reverse of this is acceptable or not i.e. providing a link to Dot Net Spider article from an ISC article.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, sister sites are also designed and maintained by ISC only and there should not be any objections or restrictions to use the article links from here to there or vice versa. Just proceed.
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    I will get this confirmed from Tony Sir as I recall that once he had stated that we must not give links here to partner/sister sites to avoid spamming, but there may have been a change in this policy. Please wait for an update from him.

    Managing Editor,

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    The clickable links to other sister sites on ISC were allowed in the past. However, recently when I did it in one of my posts on this site by providing a link to an article from Techulator ( a ISC sister site), I was asked by one of the editors not to do so. My clickable link was changed to a text link. I would guess it is not allowed.

    However, there has been a policy change, wherein even the external links are allowed in all the sites on Spidernet technology. Maybe it is allowed now, though I am not sure.

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    I have confirmed it with the Webmasters: please do not do any such inter-linking. We are presently allowing links to high authority sites such as university and government sites, but sister sites are not considered in that niche & it would amount to self-promotion. Subsequently, search engines would be unlikely to index such pages with these links. Bottomline: do not give the links.

    Managing Editor,

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    Thank you Managing Editor. My doubt is clarified. I will not give such links.

    Let us continue learning.

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