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    Why the Indian celebrities choose London to undergo medical treatments and surgeries?

    As we all know that Yuvaraj singh who suffered from cancer undergo medical treatment in London recently in the list one more person added that is none other than Sachin Tendulkar had under gone knee surgery in London.Why all sports players and celebrities go to London to undergo surgeries as it is because the latest technology and medical equipment is present in the London hospitals as compared to Indian Hospitals?Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Not only sports persons, even the Politicians chose London as the preferred place for high end treatments. Probably patient friendly hospitals and hosts may be available there. By the way those who have earned leaps and bounds can only think of advanced treatment in foreign countries. I heard that one of the top Industrialist goes for dialysis treatment every alternate day to London by flight and that is really astonishing. We do have some best private hospitals in Mumbai itself to cater to the needs of various diseases. By the way some hospitals have arrangement to have the visit of foreign doctors and taking foreign doctors consultations.
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    What happen to the slogan 'Mera Bharat Mahan(India is great) this is all trash or just for slogan...
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    When people from all over the world come to India for getting quality treatment at very affordable rate (in foreign currency), Indian political leaders and other VIPs go to foreign countries for treatment. I feel this depicts their 'slave mentality'. Moreover, I further feel that they are more interested in getting some comfort in hospital; getting treatment is not their primary aim.
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    It is not the question of a celebrity status. It is more about the wealth or financial status. A poor Indian may find it difficult to get even basic medical care in a Government hospital because there are certain kind of expenditures involved there also.
    Many people sleep at footpath in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, though there may be hotel rooms/suits costing lakhs of rupees where people, who can afford, spend a night there.
    Thus the primary reason for going abroad for medical treatment is the affordability, though there are other reasons also like maintaining secrecy etc.
    It is also true that there is more professionalism as well as advanced technology in developed countries.
    Funnily enough many foreigners also visit India for medical treatment. Many wealthy foreigners come here for organ transplants because though advanced technology is available in developed countries, but the organ donors are available in India only.

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