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    Do you get impressed by personality or the knowledge possessed by others ?

    We often get confused between a person having towering personality and not having any stuff to share and that disappoints us very much. Some are very lean and even not looking beautiful or handsome, but they have immense talent to share differently. Normally in Urdu Shayari Manch, we can see this happening. Audience often goes wrong in judging a well dressed Shayari or poet with hope that he shares good couplets but he ends up lackluster. But other person who looks very sober and not getting highlighted storms the sessions with his highlight couplets.
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    Not only on 'Urdu Shayari Manch', such situation arises every where in day to day life. Basically it has to be examined, if we get impressed by the 'packaging' or the contents.
    Packaging do have a very important role to play in marketing a product, because the first impression is created by the attractiveness of the packaging only.
    However very soon the consumers realise that the contents inside the attractively packaged packet are not qualitative enough and thus the charm of the product is lost.
    The same happens in case of people also. Many individuals package themselves in beautiful clothes and heavy make up, but once they open their mouth to speak, the cat comes out of the bag.
    The level of education and knowledge etc. gets reflected on the face of the individual. Many people attempt to camouflage shortcomings in their personality under several layers of heavy make up, but such individuals get exposed soon.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    First looks impress always and it's human nature to judge a person's intelligence according to his personality.Its not generally the case that people with impressive personalities have more intelligence and vice versa but people who are more down to earth,humble and hardworking and who observe more aand talk less are the intelligent ones.
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    Until unless I see the talent, it is obvious to me or many people that they will impressed with the look and presentation. But this is also true that after viewing the quality ( whether a good speech, good singer, good player) then there will be no impact of the look.
    I remembered one quote from Dr. Abdul Kalam.
    Black colour is some time sentimentally Bad, But "Every Black Board Makes The students life bright" - APJ Abdul Kalam

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