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    Editing is much more taskful

    In my last thread i intended to write the word "click" but missed out letter "c". It is now quite hard to do some simple editing because it is a process, as i discovered. I note there is one response to my last posting. I have not had the courage to click onto it. However i take this opportunity to thank the respondent.
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    At the time of posting any content, I make it a point to read it several times to weed out all spelling mistakes. I read my typed content prior to clicking 'submit' button and again after posting. Often I have to re-visit my content, immediately after posting to edit the same for correction in respect of spellings. I happens almost each time.
    In the thread posted by the author the word ' i ' is written in lower case, which should be written in upper case as' I ' . The author can even now revisit his thread and edit the same to make the ' i ' as ' I '.
    Such corrections can be carried out even later also after posting the contents using 'edit' button. However after responses are posted by the other autors, the contents should not be edited to change its meaning. There were instances when new authors have edited their threads to change it fully including the title of the thread.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Editing is not a hard task, we are editing means we get to know our mistake( that is rally an important things) that you can rectify your mistake and admit it as a mistake.
    So spelling mistake is not a big issue, you can edit when ever you get to know about your mistake in this forum. Never think that it is a hard task or wasting your time.

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    Its always better to read the contents what we have written before uploading or posting. That will save us from disgrace of silly mistakes which every one makes because after all we are all human beings.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    You should not mind for the mistakes that you have commited in the latest postings since such errors are acceptable when we remain too busy in maintaining the flow of the expression. We need to take a precautionary step to edit the same prior to use of the click - button to avoid the embarrassment likely to crop up at a later stage. A simple precaution is always better to avoid the the silly errors.

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