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    A guide and three civil services aspirants observe the logo of ISC

    [This entry wins the joint 1st prize for the 'Me, the logo of ISC' creative writing contest]

    The sacred River Ganges was flowing happily from Hrishikesh towards Haridwar. The dawn set in. A new day started. Away from the din and bustle of the two towns, an old man was sitting silently on the bank of River Ganges. The old man had just retired from service. After completing his Post-Graduation, he had been teaching in the local college for almost 35 years. He was known for his knowledge, honesty and integrity. Besides teaching, he had been actively associated with various other social services. His wife had left the world, his only son was a civil servant posted outside the state.
    Although he was sitting silently, the mind of the old man had been working actively. He had been pondering over the issue of gainfully employing his time. Throughout his life, this old teacher never ran after money. He had lived a principled life and done his duty to his family and society. While he was analysing various possibilities available before him, he saw three young men approaching him from the direction of Haridwar. In a minute, he recognised his former students. When he asked them the reason for their visit, the three young men touched his feet and sat in front of him.
    The former students of the old man informed him that after completing Graduation, they were preparing for the Civil Services examination. Although they were managing other subjects satisfactorily, they were not confident about General Studies paper. They felt that their knowledge was awfully inadequate about the States and Districts of India. They could not cope up with the rapidly changing information in this area.
    The old man remained silent. He looked towards the horizon. In the calm and serene morning hours everything seemed so quiet. The Sun was gradually rising. The light was slowly getting prominent. The birds started flying in the horizon. The old man and his three disciples were sitting silently on the bank of River Ganges.
    Suddenly the old man remembered the particular website and its logo which he had seen some time ago. The present scene resembled the logo! He excitedly asked the students to bring out their mobile phones. He checked the internet connection and asked them to open the particular website. He excitedly asked them: "Have you seen the logo? Doesn't it resemble our present position?" When his students admitted the same, the old man said: "Now this great website will solve your problem! Go to My India sub-section of the site and get all updated information about districts, constituencies, cities, taluks, panchayats and municipalities at the same place. This would definitely solve your problem."
    The young men checked the sub-section. Their problem was solved. They touched the feet of the Guru and left for the town with new zeal and determination, just like the birds in the logo of ISC, flying in the horizon.

    (Competition entry)
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    What have you written ? Is it the way to write about ISC Logo? Is it an ordinary writing? No. I must say that you are very great and you have given life to ISC Logo through your writing. I really appreciate the talent in you, Partha.

    No life without Sun ¤

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