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    ISC motivated my UpkarAshrama

    [This entry wins the 3rd prize for the 'Me, the logo of ISC' creative writing contest]

    A warm hearted welcome to you,my dear reader.I am Sonch,yes it's my real name or what I have been called since childhood.Being an orphan and being faced with so many uncomfortable questions since a tender age,I had decided to open my ashram in the future.I named it 'UpkarAshrama' after the name of my late father as the society used to say during their continuous discussions.It hurt me so much to hear his name being slandered and insulted saying that he had betrayed my mother when I was born.Unable to bear the trauma,my mother's health started deteriorating and she passed away when I was four.
    Only I knew the truth about my parents' death. I wanted to prove to the world that he was a good father and a caring husband.I was determined to continue his dream which was helping and supporting destitute,divorced and orphaned women and underprivileged girls.
    I saw a banner 'Learn to Earn,Earn to Learn' while travelling on a bus one day.It was printed on the dashboard in bright red ink reading "" and it immediately caught my attention.
    The women and girls in our ashram are encouraged to be financially independent. Today, I can proudly say that there are graduates in biotechnology, law, and commerce from our ashrama.Those not keen regarding formal education are given vocational training like tailoring, mehndi designing,screen printing, book binding, typeset composing,pottery,handicrafts,nursing, and computer operations, depending upon their aptitude. The ashram has a marketing outlet that sells products made by the inmates and they earn a decent amount once in a while.My ashram works at making the girls' stay happy and fruitful, trying to instill the list confidence in them and making them see themselves as dignified members of society.
    It also pays great attention towards sports, yoga and personality development and the girls are motivated to concentrate on healthy living and high goals. In cases where a girl has suffered trauma, counselling and medical care are arranged by my competent staff.
    This was all about my ashram.Now,coming to the idea I got looking at that lovely banner.I decided to print large posters of this logo and stick on all the walls for motivating the women and girls.They could view this as a challenge and earn while learning too!
    I went online and searched for the site India study and to my surprise I saw it was the best rated educational website in India with all the resources I had been wanting related to education.I immediately appointed my technical staff to search for educational material like Jobs in India, Earn part time revenue,Admissions to courses,Colleges in India,Schools in india, Universities in India,Study abroad with scholarship and we started improving our own education system using this wonderful site as our guide with all the latest news in the education sector.Many of our women also got placed after applying for jobs through this site's information and also went abroad for higher studies with scholarships.I would like to thank the think tank and site owners of ISC for this wonderful social work they are doing and for also making my father's dream come true this Father's day...
    This is my entry for the 'Me, the Logo of ISC' contest
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    I think, you have submitted this as an entry to 'Me, the Logo of ISC 'contest'. But it doesn't appear like a creative writing. It is something like a true life event. Great AR!

    @ At the end, kindly place a note "This is my entry for the 'Me, the Logo of ISC' contest . Otherwise it would look like a real life event.

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    The author has been consistently improving her writing caliber and this time she connected the words "Earn Part time revenue" with the creative write up on our logo which is interesting and different.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Mohanji never fails to appreciate my efforts.Thank you so much Sir for.your kind words.ISC is one place where I can find positivity and realisation of my achievements along with rewards.
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    A new story from different angle praising this great website! The story has also given a clickable link as per the requirement of the contest. A very good effort! It may bring more laurel to the author!
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    Partha Sir,thank you so much..In fact ISC caters to do many domains in education that it is becoming easy to associate it with many novel ideas,such as the idea of an ashram's motivation.
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    In the second line of the body of the thread 'UpkarAshrama' is appearing though in the title of the thread the same is appearing as 'Upkarashrama'. The author may consider editing the same as 'Upkar Ashrama' at both the places. I could not decipher the inherent thought at the first glance on the title because of this reason only.
    As far as analogy between the functions of the 'Upkar Ashrama' and ISC is concerned, the idea is brilliant though the presentation carves for more coherence.
    ISC has provided a platform for interested individuals to learn as well as earn.
    It is a kind of 'upkar', though lebelling the same as 'upkar', under values its noble ideals.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    ISC has indeed provided a platform for interested individuals to learn as well as earn.
    @Kailash Sir,I have made the changes you had suggested.I had searched for the Hindi words for help and charity since the story was going to be based on an ashram.Hence,the name UpkarAshrama felt very apt for my story.

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    The Hindi word 'upkar' do means benefaction or favor as a gesture of kindness. However charity has more to do with compassion.
    My point was that in the case of ISC perhaps there is neither charity nor compassion. It is just a noble cause, if we prefer to not to hint about its commercial aspects.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Great story indeed! At first it felt like a real life story and was so absorbing. Good to see the great caliber and writing skills.! You deserve to be among the best.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Thank you very much indeed Timmappa Kamat Sir.ISC already does social work in terms of providing earning and learning opportunities for every member.The idea gelled quite well with the motive of social work done by the ashram.
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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