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    I am the little birdie of ISC conveying, 'Ignorance is NOT bliss'

    [This entry wins the joint 1st prize for the 'Me, the logo of ISC' creative writing contest]

    I am the bird of ISC. You must have seen me fly high in the world of ISC or Indiastudychannel. Do you know, why I fly? It is because I have no boundaries. Even the sky is NOT the limit for me. Just like learning and sharing knowledge has no limits.
    The world I live is so beautiful. No one hates anybody. Everyone is devoted towards learning. When I fly I see so many schools on my way. I sit on the window sill of the classroom and listen to what they study. Nobody shoos me off. After sometime, I fly to another window sill. Earlier I could not fly so high. I was scared of the sun, the sky and the unknown.
    Do you know how I shelved my fear off? These schools helped me. I heard many of the teachers say that fear is just an expression of an ignorant mind. It has no relation to truth. You fear certain things that you don't know about. When you don't even feel confident enough to go out and explore your fear, it dwells deep into your mind and body. The moment you ignite yourself with knowledge of the unknown all your fear flies away.
    It is said that "Easier said than done". My conditions were similar. I believed what the teachers said, because you know, teachers teach what is right. But never had the courage to implement it. Then it suddenly dawned on me that in some class I have learnt that the only phenomena which is constant and unconquerable in the world is death. So it is true that whether or not I like it, I have to die one day. If death is inevitable and if it is to happen by reaching the unknown then so be it.
    Hence, I started flying. I didn't stop. I went higher and higher and as much higher as my wings would take me. I flew until my wings were stiff. Then I took shelter on the branch of a tall tree. When I looked down I was astonished to see such a beautiful sight below. Does my world look so beautiful from above? Then I sighed and looked around. Oh! what a beauty all around me. I was thrilled to think that I am a member of this beautiful world. I could see so many trees and houses. I never knew houses and trees had so much variety and so did many other constituents of the world. I could never have known about the marvels of the world if I were not inquisitive, if I had not wanted to learn.
    The next day I brought 2 of my friends to that very same place. They were awestruck by the beauty of nature. They also regretted the fact that they didn't want to come in the beginning. Other little birdies who now suffer fear from the unknown are thinking us, that is, the three little birdies of ISC to be experts on countering fear. So whenever they have such fear they come to "Ask Experts", that is, ask us. We all them that you can either survive or live your life. If you lead your life in ignorance, then you just survive till the end. You earn nothing but misery and obliviousness in the end. But if you lead your life in devotion to knowledge you live a beautiful and skilful life. You earn wisdom, respect, fame, and more in the end. Now tell me which path would you prefer?
    This is an entry for creative writing contest
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    Ms. Joyshree, I am really impressed by the way you have explained the significance of little birds in the logo of ISC. It is really an example of imagination and creativity. However, I am gently reminding you to give a clickable link of any section of ISC in the story, as per the requirement of the contest. That would really make your beautiful story more authentic.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Really you are an excellent, wonderful and joyful bird of ISC. Now through your thread, You created a feeling in us to feel that everyone is an ISC bird. We all are living and flying together at ISC. Well done.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Thank you Mr. Partha and Mr. Sun for for appreciating my effort.
    I have already given a clickable link right at the end of the article Mr. Partha.

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    Connecting to the little birds in our logo, the author has taken us to the height of experienced write up and this once again proves that ISC content developers are really great and going.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    All ISCians are like the birds in the sense that they are spread across the length and breadth of the country and few of them are even abroad. They sit on their respective computers for some time as per their convenience and peck their beaks like a pigeon pecks on a mirror. Few of them are like parrots who mimic others without having any original thought or idea. There are cuckoos like members who always sing sweet though few caw like crows also.
    Regarding the story spinned by the author, there is one more aspect of birds as learners. Many students prefer to be like free birds fying here and there without any focus or concentration on studies.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you Mr. Mohan and Mr. Kumar for reading my article. Mr. Kumar I liked that you extended the theme of this article to the analogy of ISCians with birds.

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