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    Silently watch what others talk - a wise dictum to follow!


    The words in this title are what appear in the descriptive text at the top, for our forum section. How many of us follow this hint?! That is, when we have nothing worthwhile to say, do we just silently watch what others talk or jump in to create a needless ruckus?

    Also, from now onward, when somebody drops in to a thread where you are having an interesting discussion & creates a problem, I would like to suggest trying out something, using an analogy. Let's suppose I board a bus or a train with a friend. We both do not get seats near each other. Instead, she may be seated a little away, with other people in-between or perhaps even across the aisle from me. Nevertheless, we want to converse with each other. So we do so, totally ignoring those seated in-between us and talking around them so to say (of course not talking in public about something very private & personal, but just some general talk!)

    Similarly, consider yourself a thread initiator or a participant in the discussion of the thread's topic. Now somebody drops in-between, taking the thread totally off-track or making some snide remark about what somebody said. You should continue your conversation (discussion) with the others, talking around this needless interferer. Do not counter-respond to him/her. Simply ignore and pretend he/she does not exist at all in that thread. Eventually, this member will be left talking to himself/herself!! If such an interferer creates problems in a thread, please just report it to a forum editor. Do not start a spat with him/her and spoil the thread further.

    As the forum text clearly states, "You are welcome to actively participate in our forum discussions, share your thoughts, express your views or silently watch what others talk." Follow this wise dictum please!
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    A wise dictum from your wisdom and knowledge. I have experienced the interferer in my thread and also in others thread. Many a time, my genuine threads have been spoiled by the interferer. They do nothing but only to interfere or poke in unnecessarily. Someone function like a watch dog and bounce whenever there is an opportunity.

    In future, I shall follow your wise dictum, and I will try to keep the interferer away from my thread by not responding to his responses as suggested by you, else I will report it to the concerned Editor.

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    Wow for the first time I am coming across and useful and effective suggestion from the Managing editor on how to sideline or take it easy the interference of unwanted responder to our threads and how to defy him by not giving credence. Some times I followed this suggestion in personal life. But when it comes to forum posting, I really get annoyed and irritated if a member steals the show by giving vague comment not sought for and again sticking to his notion of response. If your suggestion is taken seriously by members from today, I feel the forum will be free from any spat or ugly exchange of words between members. By the way the editors on line must be watching the threads and its responses. If a member tries to hijack the thread for obvious reasons, immediately editor must exercise the rights and tame the member. If the author starts abusing or interfering then the spat becomes nuisance for the ISC itself.
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    One more point to make here that I have noticed: quite often it is the thread initiator himself/herself who takes it off track! Why not stick to the topic you raised yourself? Why taunt somebody who responded? The response may not even be such that it requires such a counter response from you but is a perfectly valid point made.

    Also, if you see something else discussed which is not wholly related to the thread, as the thread initiator you can just put a simple request to the member not to deviate from the topic. For example, suppose I initiate a thread on birthday cakes. Somebody pops in with a response on wedding cakes. It is per se on the topic of cakes, but is pertaining to weddings and not birthdays. So, as the thread initiator, I can firmly state that I want only to discuss birthday cakes and that the member can discuss wedding cakes in a separate thread.

    Thus what basically I am stating is that we should all take good care of our own threads first and foremost before making accusations against an alleged interferer.

    Managing Editor,

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    The insightful advice given by the ME must be kept in mind by all Members for more meaningful discussion in Forum. Let us all follow this advice and ignore such Member(s) who tries/try to take any thread off the track.
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    Forum section of ISC is like a flowing river. People join as members, take a dip in the ocean of learning and go their way. However, few stay as long as possible and not only gain advantages to taking holy dips daily, but watch its serene flow also while remaining at the bank.
    Persistent efforts by the ME and other editors helps in maintaining some kind of semblance in the forum section, though such efforts are required on online basis continually as many new members join each day and dabble at ISC.
    As a matter of fact the editors are appointed only for such purposes to monitor the contents online and edit the same suitably.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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