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    Still showing gold member level

    I have reached 10000 points a week age and now gained more than 10600 points, but my profile still showing gold member. What may be the reason for this? any suggestion?
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    Ms Mathi,
    Have you gone inside your dashboard and clicked 'Recalculate my points'. If you haven't , just try it. It might work. Let us see. If unsuccessful, certainly there is some bug in the system.

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    Yes there seems to be some technical error. Please wait up to Sunday evening when the member levels of every member changes as per the points accured by them and surely you will also change to diamond member.
    K Mohan
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    Thank you Sun and Mohan, I tried as per your suggestion, but no change. Will hope!

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    I am not sure, but there appears to be one logical explanation. There is a requirement that the diamond level members should earn 2,500 points in last 12 months. Since the author has joined ISC on 02.08.2010, it is likely that the system is calculating the points earned during last 12 months. In case of new members, the level will change automatically after crossing the benchmark of 10,000 points.
    In case of member Venkiteswaran Ji, points shown on his profile are 50976, though level is still showing as diamond only instead of platinum.

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    Yes Kailash that is the reason. The requirement of minimum points per year to be in a specific level.
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    As far as I understand, a Diamond member must score 2500 points annually after attaining the Diamond level. Mr. Gopal has acquired Diamond status only in July, 2016. So, the additional 2500 points will have to be counted from the time he acquires 10001 points, i.e., from July, 2016 onwards.
    I feel that the status of Mr. Gopal will change after next Sunday.

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    Well, the criteria of having to earn the minimum 2500 points in the 12 months is to "retain" the level. To earn the level, you need to just cross the 10000 mark. After attaining the diamond level, you should accrue at least 2500 points in the next 12 months. If not, your member level drops down to Gold.

    In this case, it is definitely a technical error. Or could be a bug in the system. Try logging out and logging back in. Else wait till Sunday where the member levels and ranks are recalculated.

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    I think what Timmappa said is right. One should be promoted to the next higher level after scoring the points specified. Further, to retain the member level, one has to work hard and score the points specified for 12 months.

    I wonder why no editor or lead editor is joining this thread to help Mathi Gopal.

    We are only with presumptions and assumptions. WMs, ME and Editors, please come to release the Diamond which is still under the clutches of Gold.

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    If it is a technical glitch, the affected members will need to wait till it gets fixed. Maybe the webmasters and the team have not noticed the error or this thread as yet. Maybe one of the editors needs to bring this issue to the attention of the team.
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    We have been aware of this thread. We are alert! It has already been brought to the attention of the team.
    Managing Editor,

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    This issue has been checked out. The answer given in #570409 is correct. You need to check your points within the time frame of 1 year and when you reach that 2500 mark within that time frame then you will get the diamond shield at your profile page. The response given in #570491 is also correct - you need to keep contributing & maintain those points to retain the membership level.
    Managing Editor,

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