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    UN food for oil program

    This was for the benefit of Iraq. Essentially Iraq was under UN embargo and they couldn't legally sell their oil. Countries were then allowed to buy certain quantities of oil in exchange of
    foodstuffs. Maybe questions or factors they had to consider were: The need to feed Iraq's
    people; farmers in the exporting country who needed market for their produce; human rights situation in Iraq and generally service to humanity. Of course decisions were not easy to
    make. What is your take on the program?
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    The 'Oil for Food Program' was established by the United Nations in the year 1995 to allow Iraq to sell oil in exchange for food, medicine, and other humanitarian needs. The economic sanctions imposed on Iraq after first Gulf war were discontinued in the year 2003 after after the US invasion of Iraq.
    The 'Oil for Food Program' was terminated in the year 2003.
    However there were reports about rampant corruption in the program and the Indian National Congress was cited as a beneficiary. The name of Indian politician Natwar Singh who was close to Sonia Gandhi, appeared in the reports.

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    Well the UN program to help Iraq with Food for Oil is no doubt a good one but the latest report submission by the Inquiry committee held guilty of Tony Blair siding with George Bush and supporting the Iraq war which caused heavy causality and loss to the Britain. That means the war was not required and it was forced upon by the US and seconded by Britain without taking into account the future effect on its reputation and economy. Given this fluid situation, UN must come forward with more liberal aid to Iraq as that country and people were put to more misery and untold problems just for the fun activities of George Bush and Tony Blair.
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