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    Tom, Dick and Harry and the mesmerising logo of IndiaStudyChannel

    There were three childhood friends Tom, Dick and Harry. Their parents lived in the same neighborhood and they grew together. The three friends attended the same school and played cricket in the same playground.
    In due course of time, they passed their 10+2 and their parents managed their admission in a private engineering college under management quota and three of them completed their engineering as well as management degree as was the custom of the society. However after that they were in search of some course which can ensure them a job. They used to meet daily in the playground and brainstorm on the nagging and persistent issue of their unemployment.
    One day Tom came almost running to join the other two with a gleaming demeanour on his face. His stance, gestures and body language were perhaps like what might have been on the face of Archimedes when he had run naked on the streets crying 'eureka', on discovery of what is known as the Archimede's principle.
    On inquiring, Tom revealed that he has found the pancea of their collective problem. He was carrying his laptop with batteries fully charged and latest bill of internet dongle fully paid with due courtesy of his doting mother who had financed out of her 'stri dhan'.
    With almost trembing hands, Tom fumbled on the laptop and opened the home page of the ' best educational website in India' i.e. the On the left upper corner of the home page, its mesmerising logo was glowing like a firefly. They continued to watch the bewitching scene almost spell bound and then they gazed each other without bothering to open the Find Latest Jobs & Recruitments in India page.
    They knew each other perhaps better than their parents knew them. Their thoughts used to be always unanimous on all critical issues. Without uttering any word, they extended their palms and clapsed each others wrists to form a triangle of solidarity.
    They knew what is going on each other's minds even without any formal outward verbal expression.
    They had decided to be like the three free birds shown flying in the ISC logo instead of becoming the three 'shishyas', learning from the 'guru' sitting in the classical posture of the traditional 'gurus' of ancient India together with his armrest etc.

    Me, the logo of ISC - creative writing contest
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    A good creative story with Tom, Dick and Harry from Kailash with a flying end. .
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Using the famous characters of Tom , Dick and Harry has really facilitated and enabled the author to connect well with the Logo and also the link content mentioned therein. Good thought and good write up.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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