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    Query about applying for AdSense

    Today, I applied for an AdSense account through 'Manage AdSense Account' of Dashboard. Later, I saw 'View AdSense Profile' of Dashboard and came to know about the 6 requirements needed for approval of AdSense account. I didn't meet 3 of them in which one is the completion of 6 months. I joined only 2.5 months ago and so I couldn't meet that requirement. To meet the other two requirements, I uploaded my photo and updated the profile. The requirement 'Profile details with Address updated' is met but the requirement 'Profile photo uploaded and verified' is not met. I want to know if I missed any thing to do in the upload of profile photo.

    Krishna Teja Yeluripati.
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    Just visited visited your profile page and found that you have not mentioned anything about your personality and career. Below your photo appearing on the profile page, you can see the award shields also and beneath that there is space for education and career box, in that write a detailed profile about yourself. Because this write decides immediate approval of your adsense account whenever eligible and applied. By the way your profile photo is impressive and your contributions were praise worthy. Just do the the things as advised and also make sure that you create a new G mail address ID through which you can apply. I hope you will surely get the adsense.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

  • #570460 requires that member must meet atleast 5 out of the 6 requirements. Therefore meeting the sixth criteria i.e. completing six months activity may be dispensed with the ISC management in case they are satisfied with the other 5 criteria. Many members have got their AdSense account approved without completing six months. I am one of those.
    Regarding verification of uploaded photo, please wait for few days for official comment from the ISC team. It may be simply a factor of time.

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    Your photo is now approved. As per your AdSense profile, you are eligible to apply for the AdSense revenue sharing program. I am sending you an email with some suggestions for your profile page.

    Managing Editor,

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    This time approval for adsense is little bit difficult but hope positive and try continuous.

    I tried 2 year then I got approval for adsense so do not loose hope any time.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    When I joined ISC, the AdSense approval was much talked-about issue. After fulfilling all the eligibility conditions (except one, i.e,, before completion of stipulated tenure), I applied for Adsense, and my application was approved without much problem. However, the earning (as shown) has been miserable. I don't understand various graphs, pi-charts and other data. I don't understand the total earnings. In one place, the earning is shown $2.50 (appx.), whereas in ISC platform, it is being shown as $0.00. Exasperated I have stopped checking my AdSense account. I last checked it more than 15 days ago.
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    Partha - Earning revenue through AdSense appears to be like a mirage for me. Perhaps it is not my cup of tea. Even after one year, the total earning is only about $ 30 which is way below the threshold limit of payment i.e. $100. Moreover, I am not taking any specific interest also by making conscience efforts to increase the same.
    Also 'Invalid Traffic' has increased after the recent revamping of the website as too many advertisements get clicked unintionally due to sudden movement of the screen owing to surprised appearance/loading of advertisements on the page.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #570485: Same here. I am totally disinterested in generating more traffic and/or other things. I simply enjoy writing here. I have seen that virtual interaction rejuvenates me, and that is important for me.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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