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    How will bloggers earn if everyone starts using ad blocker?

    Major source of income for bloggers come from AdSense and affiliate marketing. These days people get irritated due to ads while browsing content. They don't want anything other than content. These days there are many ad blockers available to filter the content without any ads.

    My question is if 100% internet users start using ad blocker then what will all the AdSense publishers do? How will they earn if no ads will appear on any site due to use of these blockers?
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    If for every line and every page advertisements pop up and cause nuisance, how users will have their peace?

    One man's medicine can be another's poison.

    If the ads are not nuisance and are not causing loss to the user, they will willingly welcome ads. There need an optimum. Unfortunately by and by there becomes excess and monopoly. Then the reaction and resistance comes. This holds in all situations in life. Things go on changing. When machines came labourers lost. But machines also caused problems for which new solutions were found.

    Things go on like that.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    It is sheer business only. Prior to the advent of internet also there were mechants and commercial activities to earn money or profit. However after internet came, the things got changed as never before. In the past such a change had occurred when mechanization or industrial revolution had occurred.
    The internet companies will earn by selling ad-blockers. Nowadays many companies are charging for premium mail services.
    Internet is making the users addicted to it like opium.
    It is like getting addicted to smoking or drug abuse. First it is for fun provided free of cost by friends etc. and later people start buying it.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is a funny fact that most of the internet businesses revolve around ad revenue. Sites like wikipedia don't show any ads and they run their website on donation. I have seen many sites these days requesting users to stop using ad blockers because it stops their revenue. Once revenue stops then the owner has to pay from their pocket to run the website.

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    Advertisement is itself a gambling business for every one. For the customer it is informative and may be useful, for the non user it is irritating and may even block that, for manufacturer it is must for survival and for hoisting that the browsers get their share. So somewhere or the other the things get adjusted and thus we get our revenue through blogging. Even why randomly people check your blogs, for example if they want to search something on gadgets, and your article appears there, immediately the search engine friendly ads would appear regarding that gadget being searched and hence the visit is completed as per manufacturer are concerned and ad click started for blogger.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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