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    Do you agree that 'TOW' is the best contest organised by ISC?

    Almost every week 'Thread of Week' contest is announced. I rate it high as it is simple though very interesting in nature. The contestants are given a word and they develop contents around the theme.
    Another noteworthy feature of the TOW contest is that its results are announced without delay and generally controversies are never raised about the decisions of the editors. The organising editor works in a professoional manner and generally no need of any interaction with him/her arises.
    Do you agree that 'TOW' is the best contest organised by ISC?
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    I won't say TOW is the best contest. It is organised only once in a month (Last week of the month) by giving a word to develop the topic on it. Other weeks TOW award is selective among the threads posted by the members. It could be anything.

    Rather than the best, I can say TOW is a regular non-controversial contest and no one raises a query. After all, the contest fetches a meagre cc of Rs. 10/- to the winner and the special prize winners.

    TOW is a regular contest with least prize money.

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    I feel the Tow contest being organized regularly is without any controversy and the words given to develop content were also user friendly. Therefore the selection of entries have overwhelming acceptance from the members.
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    Sun (#570437) - The prize amount is more than Rs.10. I remember having won a special prize of Rs. 15.
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    TOW contest may be the one I participated more. It is the relative ease and comfort to post a thread on a given topic that encourages to post our entry to TOW contest.

    Compared to other contests, TOW contest needs relatively less efforts and less time. The language skill also does not come to interfere there. The probability and chance of getting cash credits by way of additional prize is also there.

    So it is a relatively easy contest for those who are more or less regulars in forum.

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    Another noteworthy aspect of the TOW contest is that it is aimed at testing the creativity of the participants, instead of attempting to put in too much creativity on the part of the contest author to devise an unique type of contest.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    TOW winner gets 25 cc and 15 points & special prize gets 15 cc and 10 points.
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    #570947: But at least in one case, I was awarded only 7 points. Please see the following link-
    Reward Details

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