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    Have you ever asked your children how they are spending their packet money ?

    Giving packet money has become must and compulsory for the children for various reasons. In these days the youth and students are having so many friends and spending few money on them has become necessary as they also spend on our child. More over in case of emergencies like vehicle brake down, strike at college or other emergencies, coming back to the home would not be possible without money. But we must always have the tow as to how the money is managed and spent by the children for the good cause. Have you every probed this ?
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    Though it primarily depends on the age group of the students, but one thing appears common in most of the cases that many of them spend money on eating out few things. As a matter of fact, eating out anything causes harm in mutiple ways. Generally such food items are junk food only or being sold by vendors in unhygienic conditions. Conscience parents always give tiffin box to the school going children , in case so required. But nowadays, a trend in increasing to give money instead. Many students who are raised in such an atmosphere at home, tend to display wealth of their parents at schools/colleges.
    However the real problem arises when few students start smoking etc. after reaching certain age under peer pressure. Few of them even go the extent of drug abuse also.
    After reaching college stage, other factors come in play. There are instances when students start committing crime also to arrange for money for meeting their expenditure.

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    Yes the disadvantages are also there if we give more money than required and that will lead to bad habits not known to the parents.
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    Children should be given pocket (not packet) money only to meet their contingencies. All their needs must be met by their parents. No additional cash to be provided to young children or student children. Tell the children to maintain a diary and record their expenditures, and have a check on it. This will help the parents to know how the pocket money is being spent by their wards. Parents should control their children from eating in hotels and restaurants, and should not provide pocket money for the same.
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    Yes, I do regularly check what my daughter does with her pocket-money. She gets money not only from me, but also from my wife, my sister, my parents and from my in-laws. Fortunately, till now she has not become a spendthrift or a miser. She tries to spend money judiciously (befitting her age) and gives the excess money to me to keep it in her account. I hope she maintains her habit in future.
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    The primary reason for giving kids pocket money is that children learn the value of money and that they learn to manage it well. My brother and I received pocket money as kids; we used it mainly for buying second-hand novels and birthday and anniversary gifts for our parents. The rest of the expenses were always borne by my parents. As teens, in college, the pocket money was spent on eating out, going for movies, contributing towards a friend's birthday gift and giving treats to friends. I do not recall my parents ever asking what we did with the money.

    I followed the same principle with my kid – provided for necessities and gave her money to spend as she chose. My belief is that children, don't need money to go astray. If they have to go astray they will, despite the lack of money. As parents, we need to inculcate right values in our kids, rather than keeping tabs on their activities. We need to teach them right from wrong so the need to question them does not arise.

    Speak to your kids, not as a parent, but as someone who cares for their wellbeing. Doing so ensures that your kids let you be a part of their lives and that they do not hide things from you or do things behind your back. Right parenting matters in how children turn out. If they want to hide things from you, they will find a way to do so and no matter how much you want to 'have the tow' (whatever that means) you'll never know the truth!

    Children should be taught what is good for them, right from the word go. They should be told, what they do with their lives can have serious consequences. At the end of the day, it is their life. Whether they choose to make something of it or let everything go for a moment's pleasure – they are responsible for their actions. Monitoring their every move will do no good. It shows that you want to be in control. I feel we should let our children be in control of their lives, by teaching them right from wrong and speaking to them of the repercussions of bad choices. We must teach them not to follow the crowd, to judge all their actions and to make the right choices.

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    I was also receiving the pocket money, but after grown up, I found that there is no necessary to give pocket money till 10th if the child is studying near by home.
    As all school fees, bus fees, tiffin expenses, note book purchased by parents, even when I go for a party ( friends birth day) that gift also bought by my father, my pocket money is purely going to the piggy bank. And I distribute that money to my younger brother after a year.
    Normally I have seen that my school mate use to smoke, and go for movie as they have big cash in pocket ( I am not saying all children do this). but until unless they have a judgement power do not give them hard cash.
    And never ever think that you can teach your child to maintain a diary fr income and expense list, they will never learn .

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    Yes, the pocket - money has been the indespensible component now a days for children since some unfortunate / emergency state may crop up any moment such as breakdown of the transportation in its to and fro journey, visit to school - canteen in the wake of non accompaniement of tiffin - box or any other reason justifying for meeting casual expenses. However, expenditure greatly depends upon the mental make up of individual and hence parents should impart them proper training in respect of expenditure. Such discipline would also give the children an insight to examine the appropriateness for rational expenses. Parents are the true guide to mould them.

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    It is good to ask them but gently. They should not take it other way that you are checking them in that way a father should put the questions to the children. If we are not asking any such nice enquiry, they might track themselves into a wrong way. It is the way such as taking a silk sari from the thorny plant.

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