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    For Me, the ISC is Gurukul

    The ISC Logo gestures that we are all in for the fruitful journey of learning process which also guarantees a decent income and that is the reasons being so from the day I have joined this august site seven years back, I have been fascinated with the total transparency and user friendly features of ISC , I always recommended this channel to many students to get benefited through various information available here. Most of them did try but when it comes to becoming member of this site they pleaded shortage of time. Never the less the appreciation to this site and its information was always on positive note.

    Often once a person becomes member of this site , he gets further interested to participate and discuss and thus fails due to ignorance as to how to proceed. The following information would be useful and informative too.

    By the way being a new member of this site you must be well aware of the working of this site. Please read the New Member FAQ and get to know the Forums very well before making any posting. Also you must know how to Earn Revenue in this site for which it is imperative to read the Help Topics. But never ever resort to copy pasting work here and better read the Revised Posting Guidelines.

    This is the entry to Topic, Me, The ISC Logo
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    Hope you won't mind. Is it an entry for the 'Me, the Logo of ISC' contest.? I really wonder. There is nothing creative in it, and it talks nothing about the contents of the ISC Logo. It has neither the globe or sun, sunrise & sunset or birds or Guru or Shisya. It is your normal writing than a creative writing, I must say and you must agree. Moreover, your contest entry falls short of words. It contains only 222 words against the requirement of 300 words minimum. You can edit and modify your entry to be fresh if you wish. (Please don't respond saying "I am not interested in the contest, but I want only to participate" which would be your standard reply)

    No life without Sun ¤

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    The minimum words limit is 350 instead of 300 as mentioned in the response #570454 . The author has mentioned at the end of the thread that -'This is the entry to Topic, Me, The ISC Logo'. I would like to draw the attention of the author to the instructions of the contest.
    Also the earning part is no where reflected in the logo and only learning part is highlighted.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In the half-marathon race organised in Delhi every year, many people take part knowing fully well that they would not be able to complete the race and so won't be able to win any prize. They compete with themselves. They try to improve their performance. This is also a competition for excellence. Is it necessary that everybody should compete for winning award? I think taking part in any contest and contributing an article or a post is much better than non-participation.

    Of course, this is my personal view!

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I appreciate participation in a contest without aiming for a win. We may win or lose. But the contest instructions should be strictly followed. We should not ignore the instructions and write on our own, and submit for the contest. What if you write about an ass if the contest is to write about a horse. What if you write 200 words if the instructions specifies a word limit of 350 words. Ultimately your article will be rejected. Do you want our ISCians to be like that?

    No life without Sun ¤

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