Important: Who will use ITR-2A form to file IT Return

In the third and last part of the present series, I am going to discuss about ITR-2A form. The link of the second part is:- Important: Who will use ITR-2 forms to file IT returns?.

Now, who will use ITR-2A?
ITR-2A form is to be used by an individual or Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) whose total income for the financial year includes any or all of the following:-
(a) Income from salary/pension
(b) Income from multiple house property
(c) Income from other sources (including lottery income and winning from horse races)
(d) Any exempted income (even if agricultural income exceeds Rs 5000/-.
(e) NRIs can also file ITR-2A form, if otherwise applicable.

ITR-2A form CANNOT be used in the following cases:-
An individual or HUF having incomes from sources mentioned above still cannot use this form if any of the following condition is fulfilled in a particular financial year:
(i) If the tax-payer has income from salary/pension
(ii) If the tax-payer has income from capital gain (except specific exemptions)
(iii) If the tax-payer has income from business or profession.

So, these three forms (ITR-1, ITR-2 and ITR-2A) are applicable for filing return by individual salaried/pensioner tax-payers or by HUF.