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    Am I correct in interpreting that the ISC logo portrays 'earning' part also?

    The ISC logo is bewitching to say the least. However at first glance, it appears that it portrays only the learning component of its motto - 'Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn'.
    The three 'shishyas' in slighly bowed postures attentive to the discourses of the 'Guru Ji' vividly manifest the 'learning' component of the motto pictorially.
    However the 'earning' component is depicted by the three birds flying in the background since dawn to dusk.
    The birds fly at dawn in search of food to be fed their baby birds. That is the earning part - to soar high and get something to feed the baby.
    Birds do hard work like the ISCians.
    Am I correct in interpreting that the ISC logo portrays 'earning' part also?
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    Mr. Kailash,
    I may not agree with you. Like the human beings, the birds don't sit in a place in front of a senior bird and learn things. All the birds learn to fly first, and during their flight, they learn a lot. They discuss during their flight. So, it is not necessary that the birds flying is to be construed as an earning part of ISC. ISC is India Study Channel. Its primary role is teaching by members and learning by members. Only the designer of the Logo will be able to say what the birds are doing. We can only presume and assume that the birds are earning while the disciples are learning. Why not like this? The Guru too must be earning by taking some fees from his disciples for his classes.

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    An obnoxious question comes to my mind! Why all of us are interpreting the flying objects in the logo of ISC as birds? Can't we interpret these as bats or other smaller flying animals?
    (Just asking jocularly!)

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    To me, it appears like three crows are flying. I am sure that these are crows by its black colour and its wings. Certainly it cannot be bats or flying animals to fly at such a height. These ISC birds are out after sunrise and back before sunrise. Please rethink to substantiate your statement.

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    Partha - ISC is about content writing in any genre, comedy included.
    Generally some of the examples of high flying birds are eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, kites etc. Bats and owls are nocturnal predators.
    The readers interpret literature and other art forms in their own way.
    I think in ISC logo the flying birds are soaring falcons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As far as I know, bats are at much higher level than the birds in animal kingdom. After all, they are mammals!
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    While I do appreciate the author for bringing out new meaning to the ISC logo, what I observed that by changing of colors from dawn to dusk and the birds flying truly portrays the meaning that members here can reach higher recognition level and their life status would also change with consistent rewards and awards monetarily. One more thing we learn from this wonderful logo that we always get light after the dark. Some times we come across a dejected thread hoisted by a author having bad period and for them this is the lesson. Good days are always behind the bad moment of life and ISC logo once again testifies that those who are here are taken care of.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Would it be that the birds are just symbolic representation of knowledge being passed on from the Guru to his shishyas? There are three shishyas and three birds and moreover, I think the glowing object behind depicts enlightenment and the change in shade is just to show that learning is a lifelong process. This is how I would like to interpret the logo.

    So, I doubt whether the birds in the logo is in any way connected to earning.

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    The birds are black in colour. Knowledge cannot be black, and the black is not a colour symbol for knowledge. The Sunrise and Sunset with the birds flying is to say that the learning is consistent throughout the day and night . There is no break in learning. So, in no way the birds are connected with earning but only learning everyday.

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    Only the Member who has devised this logo can answer the doubt over the interpretation of the flying animals! Let's wait for his/her clarification.
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