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    Dont think you and they, ISC belongs to we.

    The other day the Managing Editor has raised a thread urging us to maintain the decency and decorum in this site and just ignore the post when some one castigates you or provoke you. By sidelining they will get insulted and mend ways. What I think that members must inculcate the habit of we, but often they think as themselves and ISC is different entity. Without members ISC is nothing and like in democracy without people there is nothing. Surely the site would improve further if there is sense of belonging. And that shall prove if I, you, they convert as we.
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    It is true that 'without members ISC is nothing', but at the same time it is also true that without ISC, members are nothing.
    ISC will always find other members and the members will always find other websites to express their views. But why to talk about such matters.
    Regarding the members styles of functioning that can be controlled by alert monitoring by the editors only particularly in case of recalcitrant members, if any.
    There are all kinds of members though in my opinion all of them are alright. My this comment is based on the fact that all of them are surviving and continuing to be active.
    In case of the members in younger age group, perhaps their attitudes can be moderated through advices, suggestions and requests. However it is a different matter in the cases of mature members.
    Perhaps after certain age, an individual cannot change his/her attitude totally. Only keeping the rein tightened by the forum editors is likely to result in some kind of semblance.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is easy to say not to say I, you, and they, but say we. Let us observe for the next seven days as to how a member avoids using the words I, you and they. And watch for the word 'We' at ISC. I don't think it is easy. ISC can be one, but not its members. We are not dearer to each other in this virtual world. Hence, WE is a great word for the ISCians to think and act.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Note the opening text of my thread, where 'we' is mentioned!
    Managing Editor,

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    There is always I & you in 'we'. For 'we' to exist first 'I' and then 'you' are necessary.
    When you start a thread there is only "I" from your side. Only after someone posts a response the 'you' for you comes. Then you two become 'we'.

    We comes only after I and you. Hence 'I' is not a crime.
    Generally it is easy to share blame by saying 'we', but it is difficult to share credit among 'we'.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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