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    Suggest ways and means to HMDA on how to keep the Big and High Indian flag flying

    We all know that the Telangana government while celebrating the two years of completion in office has erected a tall flag post and hoisted the biggest National flag on it overlooking the famed Hussain Sagar lake. Being lake area the wind velocity is more and so far the flag torn 6 times and replaced. Now every time they change the flag, it is getting torn immediately due to high winds. What is the alternate for this problem. Plastic flag cannot withstand that wind. Is there any other material through which our flag can be made and give the feel of flowing ?
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    India's tallest national flag which is 293 ft. high was hoisted in the eastern city of Ranchi. The flag hoisted on the occasion of the second anniversary of the state of Telangana near Hussainsagar lake is India's second tallest national flag which is 291 ft. high.
    The flag, made of polyester, could not withstand the wind pressure with wind speeds reaching up to 140km /hr near the lake.
    The world's tallest flag which is 560 ft. high is hoisted at Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. As per media reports, the Telangana Government is trying to find out about the material used in that flag.
    The authorities are also toying with the idea of using pochampally, a fabric native to Telangana.

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    I remember reading an article which made a valid point - is it really necessary for people of political parties and State governments to compete to hoist the national flag on the tallest flag pole? Isn't this frivolous expenditure which can be utilized in a better manner? Why not have flag poles at reasonable heights to ensure the flag will remain for a good, long time?
    Managing Editor,

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    It has been reported that so far 3.20 crore has been spent on the high post, the garden and the flag but every week it is torn and replaced.
    K Mohan
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    It is quite illogical to hoist the flag at such a place and at such a height. Can't the Telangana government spend the money being wasted on repeated replacements to some good cause? I am not saying that it is not right to hoist a national flag, but once you understand that it cannot withstand the winds, why not plan something else? Why not reduce the height? Why not change the location of the flag?

    It feels so bad to know that an amount to the tune of three crores has been spent on a fruitless exercise.

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    I suggest the HMDA to shift the flag post to Birla Mandir or Naubad Pahad area where there is a place for such high mast and that even attract tourists visiting Birla Museam and Birla Mandir.
    K Mohan
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    The 3.20 crore might be the whole expenditure in developing the garden area, construction of mast and its maintenance cost. The flag may not cost a crore. It would cost less than a lakh.

    Mohan, Can you find out the size (length and breadth of the flag) to calculate the rough cost of the flag.

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    The gigantic flag measures 108 by 72 feet. It is two feet short of being the tallest flag and the weight is roughly 65 kgs.
    K Mohan
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    Flying of such flag would cost Rs. 10,000 per day if the flag has to be changed every month. It would cost Rs. 40,000 per day if the flag has to be changed every week.

    Should we spend such an amount to fly our national flag to feel proud of our nation or to show the states patriotism towards India?

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    In case the wind speed is very high on the bank of the Hussain Sagar lake, then wind mills should be installed for generation of electric power and using such electricity a grand national flag made of LED bulbs should be lighted. It will give a positive message also to the public regarding use of alternate forms of energy and the flag will also be permanent in nature and glow proudly.
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    The mast of the National Flag should be shifted somewhere else-may be at the top of the Telengana Secretariat Building. The high wind speed may be used in the wind mill to generate electricity, as suggested by Mr. Kailash Kumar. But who will provide sane advice to the great political leaders of this country? They are surrounded by sycophants.
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    I like the suggestion made by Kailash, A LED affixed National flag can be installed and that can be with flying animation which would be appreciated in night too.
    K Mohan
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